Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, July 10, 2015

║☓ First Bloody Rose

  It would not help staring at the moon and expect some answer, it was more than obvious that it would never come. She pulled the collar of her coat up, blocking the wind and put the gun in the belt, resuming the walk to nowhere. In the region where she was weren't  human families, so she could not ask for shelter for the night. Anyway, she was already used to being several nights without sleep and survive on small animals that were almost dead from loss of blood and water from rivers that were not contaminated, which were few.
She did not know where to start or what to do. The fact that her brother be alive left her bewildered, because he could be anywhere in the world at that moment

.- Do not worry, what you seek will soon find you.
A gypsy vampire, something relatively common there. Achila looked at her and kept going, without giving any attention to that, because she knew that she would require a payment for something that the girl did not want and had not even asked. 

- Wait a moment. - The gypsy held her hand by the sleeve of the coat - I will not charge you absolutely nothing. 
- That's good to know, but I did not ask anything; I do not want to know about my future, especially coming from someone like you. 
- What are you saying? 
- Gypsy Vampires only know how to fool everyone to make money with their false predictions.- Take the glove from the left hand.
Achila did not know where it would come, but was prepared for anything that could happen. Cautiously, she took off her glove and reached for the gypsy. 

- Achila Allucard, right? Blake Allucard, your brother is not so far from you; however, need not look for him, he is looking for you for reasons only he can understand. The blood that was shed from your parents are still alive in both of you. 
- I do not want to hear any more! What do you know about it? What you have to do with all this? The death of my parents, the disappearance of Blake, all this is my problem!
The gypsy remained silent. She had not even finished speaking what the girl did not know and was not going to say. Achila was with nerves on edge to know of her brother and, therefore, the girl deserved to be alone. Just the fact that she knew the boy she was looking for a story that, despite being little, it was enough to make her upset.

He did not remember much that happened in the past before that night, however, he thought unimportant. His decision was made and just what he wanted was to convince his sister to take the same decision. The death of his parents should be left behind, because one way or another, they could not take care of everything themselves. 

- Lord Allucard.
Blake directed his gaze to the left.

 - Where have you been so far?
 - Since I owe satisfactions of my life for you? 
- Your duty is to find your sister. 
- I know my duties, but I do not remember having promised that I would be the rest of my life involved in it, she can not do anything alone.
The man looked at him closely, capturing the feeling of the boy in every word he said. However, he failed to capture anything. He just turned and disappeared, leaving Blake again involved in thoughts. 

- What are you doing now, Achila?
He went out the door, trying to find the girl again. Where to start? They have not seen each other for more than ten years, he was not sure how to do it, but the blood never changed and that would be the brand to recognize her.