Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, July 19, 2015

║☓ Third Bloody Rose

 Those eyes. Yes, Achila remembered that profound gaze that Blake always had. The black hair and blue eyes were the same, there was no way she was cheating. He was still on the tree branch, analyzing her features carefully. Does he not remember her anymore? She flinched at the idea, but without taking her eyes over him.
 - Blake?
He came down and landed a few feet from her. Blake had grown up and was ten centimeters taller than her, besides having all the traits similar to her, except for eye color. Achila looked for the symbol of Allucard, just so she would know if he really was her brother. 

- Are you looking for it? 
 - He showed the tattoo of a black rose on his left wrist. 
- I thought you were ...
 - I also thought I would die, but I became what I am now. I've been looking for you for a long time.
There was something different about him. Blake had always been a loving person that conveyed warmth and sweetness, but now he was cold and distant. Certain was the fact that they were separated for years, yet he would not change much, it was like he had become one of them.

 - You ... You were looking for me?
 - Yes. Why the surprise.? You're my sister, right?
 - Of course, but you seem different. 
- I did not have the same fate as you. I grew up among them, it is natural that this has happened.
Achila not know what to say to him. There was nothing to do. He was right and she knew it very well. 

- Why do you want to find me?
 - Because you're the only human hunting that is alive and ready to reverse the game and I want to make you understand that this is crazy. 
- What are you saying? Blake, I'm not the only human, you're here! We can not let our family complete ruined because of it!
Blake held her wrists firmly, but without hurting her. 

- You are obsessed with something that is already lost. Achila, you have to listen to me.
She was silent, staring into his eyes.

 - They're not like you think. It will get better slowly now, they are doing what humans haven't done.
 - They are lying to you, Blake. If everything will improve, why they exterminated more than two thirds of the human population and turned the rest into creatures like them?
 - Because the human mind is too limited to understand and live with creatures who are not like them. You are an example of this; Achila, you are not waiting to see what might happen. The legacy of Allucard, as well as those of other clans, finished. The hunters lost. The humanity lost.
 - How can you say that? Blake! This is absurd. 
- I'm sorry for what I will tell you, but I'm ashamed to have you as my sister. You like my older sister, you should show tolerance, but it seems I was wrong.
 - Blake, listen, I just want what's best for you. Yes, I am grateful that they have created you as well, but now you have to understand that your place is with me as a true Allucard and not with a legion of vampires. Please stop protecting them.
He looked at her with sadness. How do you convince someone as stubborn as her? Blake did not want to use force, let alone tell the whole truth to her, because he knew that if he did Achila will get mad. However, he could not allow her to continue as well. He was not doing it because they had ordered, but for a reason that only he understood. Even being the youngest brother, he could also think about what was best for his sister, right? After all, only a year apart separated them and she was alone, without any assistance, unlike his situation.