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Behind the Fairytales
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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

║☓ Ꮦaste the Ᏸℓσσ∂

  Every time she closed her eyes, she remembered the blood that was shed on the white floor of her home. However, the worst thing was to remember that she was the only one who was alive after all. He had seen their parents being killed and his brother being taken away from her as she lost consciousness and parody forces to go after him for ten years. For this reason, thinking of he might still be alive was a waste of time, yet she would look for him to make sure of that. Anyway, what good? After all these years, he hardly remember her, but so it would be worth trying to find him. But what would she do after it? What would she say? That way there would forward? She did not know, as long as had been orphaned and lost her only relatives who was still alive, nothing was left to him. The only hope she had was trying to grow and survive on her own in a world where the human race was about to disapear after the Allucard had fallen that night. Despite all efforts, they had gained enough strength to fight back and put an end to, at least, two-thirds of the human population that existed in the world and now all was just a field battles over land. Now that they got what they wanted, humans could be set aside and only she was standing to extend the legacy of Allucard, which could be in vain.
Her eyes widened when he heard hurried footsteps of one of those creatures running toward her. Do not think about it now, she told herself, you can not be afraid. The creature didn't see to be waiting for the girl to make decisions but wanted to put an end to her once and for all.

 - What are you waiting for? - His voice, like those of all the kind, left her nauseous - No one will come to save you.
That smile completely full of scorn was something that only they possessed. None of them ever had a smile that showed real tenderness, only falsehood and interest, but always illustrating irony, which was enough for her to take the index finger to the silver trigger and shoot. Her eyes followed his body falling in the snow and staining the white ground red, while slowly turned into ashes. 

- You should follow the example of your brother. The Allucard are a legend and you can not do anything to change that. We are the majority and you're alone.
The wind carried the ashes away, but she would not listen had been said. While she was still alive and fighting, the Allucard still had a mission and not become a legend, never, even after what he said show. She looked at the blood stain in the snow and thought of her brother. So he was alive, but how the creature know that? What he meant by "You should follow the example of your brother"?
The girl looked at the moon, which was almost getting full behind the clouds at dawn. 

- Blake ... What did you do?