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Saturday, June 20, 2015

✣ "α вяιℓℓιαηт ¢αησρу ƒυℓℓ σƒ ∂αякηєѕѕ"

I really do not know if I was following the right direction, however, did not depart from the course at any time since when I left my father's mansion. The road had turned into a complete mud puddle, making it difficult to getting out of my horse, which was getting tired.
I stopped for a moment for it to drinks water and ets some grass around as I searched for some direction. I could see that later there was the shadow of some buildings. It should be the frontier town, as well as my father described. My father ... I looked back for the first time and could not locate the mansion. Surely I should be far from there to see it and to know what was happening; Claude would have given up and would be looking for me around the town like crazy? Was my father right? I hoped with all my strength so.
It was starting to get dark and cool, so I started to move toward the city, which was not far from me. However, I started thinking that I could not find my father's house and I did not have any key to enter. I hope he's coming before me, otherwise I will have to sleep outside.{...}

He could hear a horse galloping further and smiled. She managed to get away several miles from the mansion limits, but still take some time to get to the city. The night was falling and he made the horse speed up the race so he could arrive before her or find her on the way.{...}

I managed to reach the town after almost four and a half hours riding without stopping. The horse was getting tired again and so slowed down because I had not the slightest idea of ​​where to go. I looked everywhere to find someone who could help me. 

- Excuse me, do you know where I can find the mansion of Luke Ackermann?
The guard scratched his chin thoughtfully. 

- He no longer lives here, miss. 
- Yes, I know, I just want to find his house. My name is Serena, I'm his daughter.
His expression changed dramatically. 

- I'm really sorry for you. You must have come to fetch his belongings, right? 
- What do you mean? Of course not, he said he would meet with me there soon.
He shook his head in negative

.- Poor girl ... Have not you heard anything?
 - Do not play with me, please.
 - I am not kidding, Miss. I only do and say what is right. The news that Luke Ackermann is dead arrived here a few hours ago.
I had to hold the reins firmly for don't
fall. What he was saying was ridiculous! I saw my father completely healthy  few hours ago. He promised me that he would take care and come find me here! 

- It is perfectly true, Miss. - He continued - What we know is that a fire started without any explanation while your father was in the room. The whole mansion caught fire within minutes and no one could get out of there alive except for one person who managed to escape, but that apparently was burned by the body. He could not survive. 
- That makes no sense! I saw him a few hours ago and he was fine! He promised me he would find me here! This is a mistake!
My hands were shaking so much that I could no longer hold the reins. It was not just my hands, but my whole body was shaking, as if a bucket of cold water had been poured on my head. If this really happened, so the only person who managed to escape was Claude, and certainly he should be looking for me like crazy at this hour. I started to hate him even more after that and decided never to return to that place. I stay here and build a new life by myself.