Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, March 29, 2015

✣ ηєνєямσяє

- What do you think he was doing there?
I decided do not answer. After all, all I could say would be used against me. My father closed the door of the carriage tightly, repeating everything he had previously said, as if I had not heard everything the first time.- Dad, what's wrong? I just have danced. The owner of the company has not done anything against me.
He stopped talking and stared at me with a grim and serious that I did not remember seeing before in my entire life. Anyway, I was old enough to know when to walk away or get close to a person, I was not a child.- Do you think he would not do anything to you? So why did he invite you to dance with the dancers it? In addition, you saw by yourself that they are strangers, did not you? - I nodded. Could not deny what was in my face. - This is exactly why want to protect you from this kind of people.
- he continued .
 - But what did Luke do?
My father gave me a reproachful look again.- What is the degree of intimacy you have with that boy?- None, but ...- Serena, I said I do not want you near that man and that will not change.
I was silent not to say that none of it mattered to me. My father never told me one reason why I should fear or hate him, so I would look for my own conclusions. Luke seemed an ordinary person, like every other, how could he do something bad to someone?
                                                              ✣ ✣ ✣

- What do you intend to do now?- Just want her to know who I am and she knows all I can offer.
The boy touched the dress gently, as if it could fall apart just by staring. He closed the door and went to the balcony, waiting patiently for the moment to do something.