Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

✣ σηℓу σηє ηιgнт

  I heard harps being plucked and violins being played, which made me stop to think for a second. I remember that song from somewhere and somehow, it made me think of that boy whose smile was familiar.
I stopped looking the window and looked at the center of the room, where there was a cluster of people who were watching some kind of show. I could not see anything, but some people returned to dance the waltz and so I could see three ballerinas.
Ballerinas. Yes, I remember those dancers.
It all started to make sense. That smile. Yes, it was the owner of the ballet company and the dancers were there it means that it also would be. So my father did not want to talk about it. If he saw them, he would take me out of there as soon as possible as always, but today I was determined to hide from my father as much as possible me to collect enough information about him. I turned away from the window, making sure that my father did not locate me, and I approached the dancers, as well as the last time I saw them.
Nothing had changed. It was as if they were not seeing me as a ghost. However, I did not call them and did not even try to engage their attention for long, because their movements spoke more than anything.- Miss Blane.
Those eyes. That smile. Yes, he was.- I thought I would never see them again.- I said they were special, but never said I would stop with the shows. There are times I do not talk to the lady and also thought I never would. However, we are here.- I'm surprised you still remember me, sir ...
His smile widened.- Luke Ackermann, but not have to call me sir. Of course, I'd remember you, after all promised to let you dance with them when you grew up, right?- Yes, but ... You should not get older?- I know methods to preserve me, but that's not important now. - He put a crystal crown on her head - Join the show, was not this your wish? - He paused and shook his head in negative - But not with this outfit. Follow me, I think I have something for you.
I followed him behind the curtains and saw him with a silver and blue dress and a pair of sneakers with the same model that the dancers. Take, he said, before ending up view.
That was an offer I could never refuse. As a child I dreamed about it and even if I had let that go for over twelve years, it never disappeared from my mind. My dream was always to be a dancer and that hurt satisfy this desire for just one night?
I was surprise by the dress exactly have my measurements. Both the dress as the shoes were exactly my size. When I returned to the room, he smiled.- You are wonderful, but we'll see how you comes out on stage.
I felt my stomach churn a bit, but still climbed the steps and went through the curtains. Even at that time, it was as if they were not seeing me, but it was not time to worry about that. All the nobles who was looking began to whisper when they saw me go on stage, so I tried to follow the rhythm of them the as best I could.
It was like I was part of it. Even with some clumsy movements, I could accompany them on a satisfactory pace. However, even feeling comfortable there, I knew my father would already be looking for me at this hour and began to beg for that song ended as soon as possible.
Not even realized that it was all over before hearing the applause of the nobles who were there. Anyway, we had completed at the same time that they, with the same position. However, I could not escape the eyes of my father.
The curtains closed and I came down as soon as possible, but Luke held me.- Better than any dancer I would have.- I'm sorry, but I have to go away quickly.- What happened?- Is that ...
I felt a firm hand hold my arm and I did not look back to see who it was. Luke passed me regardless of the presence of my father; I will see you again, do not worry, he whispered before pulling away.