Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, March 7, 2015


  Leigh did not answer. There was nothing to say and so he should just try to balance and go away from there. The young man leaned against the wall again and tried to get up, but his legs were still shaking, the player may not be stable on their own.- For me that's enough. - David wiped the his son's sweat with a scarf - Let's get out of here right now.
The boy did not answer. His forces had reached the ceiling.
- David, you need to understand that the situation is this.- I can not understand it, I'll never understand it.
David remained firm in his decision while typing endlessly, searching for something that could reverse the effect of the virus on the boy. Edward looked at the boy lying in hospital bed. Leigh was pale and there was more color on his lips, giving the impression of morbidity. The only thing that showed that he was still alive was his weak and irregular breathing.- We do not have more to do. - Edward glanced at his watch - I hate to admit it, but it is the end. Checkmate, my friend.- We can still do something.- What? We can only disable him or submit him to an eternal quarantine. There is no vaccine for this. That virus has its own intelligence and we can not compete with that.- We can not transfer that virus?- No. It is as if he were part of Leigh now. To remove we would do a surgery on his brain, but any small mistake can convict him even more.- There must be some antivirus that may weaken it ...
Edward hit a slap on David's face.- David! Wake Up! Look at the clock! We have no time for anything but making a decision! We can not think of anything else right now, only in a way to contain the virus in it, whether disabling or using the quarantine.
David left the computer on its side and looked at the clock. They - more precisely him - had to decide what to do to save Leigh's absolute control of the virus.- I think I'll leave you alone to think.
Edward closed the lab door and David stood beside the bed where Leigh rested. He was cold and pale, but he still remained alive.- If I had known that before I would not have enabled this virus. It is my fault.
David remained unanswered, as was to be expected. Leigh was in a state of inertia too deep to interact with the environment. The devices that showed the frequency of his heart beats were indicating that, soon, his heart could stop because of the virus.- I hope you can forgive me for any decision I can take.
The clock did David feel guilty for his decision. Anyway, there was nothing to do. It was all or nothing. Now or never.- David, we do not have more time.- I took my decision.
His gaze made Edward understand the situation.- Are you sure?- I would be a monster if I choose something else.
David did not move, just stood next to Leigh while
Edward typing some codes.

Leigh's heart rate definitively stopped and his breathing too. The David's tears dripping on the boy's face, whose body was completely lifeless.- I'm really sorry.- Do not worry about it. He was like a son to me.- You could have chosen to quarantine.- It was the best thing to do. - David's voice was drunk by crying - If I had chosen the quarantine, he would suffer more. At least so he will not get hurt more.