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Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, April 2, 2015

✣ ѕωєєт ηιgнтмαяє, ¢нσιя σƒ тнє мι∂ηιgнт

   As punishment for having had contact with Luke, my father left me at home as he travel to Wales. I was alone, with no servant for two weeks and would have to do everything by myself. For me, this was not much of a punishment, however I did not like being alone at night. Anyway, I would have to adapt to that.
Just now I realized how the house was empty without them. Maybe I had exceeded the limits, I admit, but if I knew what happened between my father and I certainly understand and  I could be more careful. But now I could not think about it, the past cannot be changed.                                                                         ✣✣✣

I hear a knock on the door when I was almost getting ready for bed. Surely it would not be my father, since he had the house keys and would not need to knock. I walked down the two stairs in two steps to finally reach the door. I held the handle and for a moment I hesitated, but now I had come this far; nothing bad would happen, I said to myself as I opened the door slowly until my eyes cross with eyes I would have forever in the memory, however wrong that was. 

- I hope it was not inconvenient. 
- No, of course not.
I opened the door for Luke to enter.                                                                                                      - Where are the servants? It is not your job to answer the door, right? 

-They are not. They are accompanied my father on a trip to Wales.
Luke looked back at me.

 - And did he leave you alone? - He seemed plagued with the idea. 
 - It was my choice. - I lied. I certainly would not tell Luke that I was being punished for dancing with his ballerinas.
I just came back to reality as I felt his hand brushing my face. Although there is no direct contact, his glove was enough to make my skin burn where he was touching. However, what bothered the most was his gaze fixed on mine.- You look tired ... I'll let you rest now, I promise I'll come back tomorrow.
He was out the door and closed it before I had a chance to recover. For a moment I thought that Luke did not feel even a little embarrassed to touch me, on the contrary, it was as if he had all the world's permission to do it. I really did not understand what had just happened, though it was better to wait until tomorrow.                                                                    ✣✣✣

I woke up early the next morning because of the nightmare that I had involving Luke, but I could not remember what had happened, the only thing I am sure of is that I had no desire to wake up from this nightmare, however bad it was, because his presence was all that I did not know I needed. At this point I wondered if he really would come visit me again and jumped out of bed to the bathroom.

- Good morning.
Luke gave me a fright so great that I had to grab me firmly of the door not to fall on the floor. When he had arrived? And most importantly: HOW he had entered? All doors and windows were locked, because I was sure I reviewed one by one twice before sleep after his departure last night.
However he stood by the table and so I saw the breakfast was ready, carrying a fresh smell tea, bread and other accompaniments exactly as I liked. It was as if we were together for so long to do all this was a routine for him, more precisely a habit he seemed to struggle to maintain. 

- You forgot to lock the front door and I ended up going to make sure I was okay with you. When I saw you sleeping, I decided to prepare her breakfast, I hope all is well. 
- Yes, of course. - I struggled to find my voice after that surprise.
Luke and I had breakfast together, which for me was embarrassing. However, he seemed serene, regardless of anything. It was as if he were suited to me.
I admit that I understand that he would not mind, because of the way he behaved was spotless. His stance could make anyone think that he belonged to a higher caste to all others, so that I felt embarrassed to be in his presence and at the same time delighted to be able to admire it.

 - Your porridge will cool.
When less I realized, he was with the spoon ready in front of my mouth and with a sweet smile that reached to his eyes naturally. I opened my mouth and realized that it did not compare to what the servants did; Luke cooked much better than any of them.
As I helped with the dishes did not fail to notice that he was restless and seemed to have something to say, but he did not know how. 

- Luke,are you okay? 
- Of course, why would not I be? 
- You seem restless.
 - I just have something to tell you, but I do not want you seem rude or something.
 - Please speak as you see good.
He was silent for a moment, probably thinking about the best way to say what he needed. When finally our eyes met, Luke seemed convinced of what she would say. 

- I would like to invite you to attend the choir of the midnight. 
- Choir of the midnight? 
- Yes. Every day exactly at midnight a choir singing in the gardens of my house and would like to show you.
I really was not sure. And if my father decided to return before? I would be in serious trouble. However, he seemed so kind to me make that proposal that I felt bad contemplate such decline it.