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Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, March 8, 2015

✣ Still Doll

- How are savvy!- Yes, they are magnificent!
The dancers danced on stage with grace, making all kinds of postures and steps they could. It was a rare spectacle and that only lasted two nights before disappearing again. Many have tried to hire them for other types of dances for entertainment, however, was useless. No one had ever seen the owner of that company to try to talk to him because few people knew and who knew something of him was only the highest aristocracy.
Anyway, while some admired the spectacle of dancers, others despised and hated the owner, without even knowing him. Some people thought that those dancers were like puppets, which were under his command and so they only returned when the owner had managed to make a new one. Others thought they were abducted girls from other countries who worked as slaves to enrich him.- Mom! Daddy! Why can not we watch?- The owner of this show is a terrible man, he uses those girls to deceive others.
The girl did not quite understand the meaning of, so she wanted more than all to see the show of those rare dancers who only appeared from time to time.
                                                                       ✣ ✣ ✣
- Is he here?- Who did invite him?- I do not know, but we have to be friendly and avoid contact with him in all possible ways.
The dancers were there again. They danced with all possible grace the center of the room for all to marvel. The girl, lively, crossed the mass of bodies that lay between her and the dancers while her parents were not seeing.
It was as if the dancers not noticed her. Even being there, they did not see the little girl and continued dancing. As much as the girl insisted, nothing happened and it ended up drawing the attention of the man who was well dressed and sitting on a red velvet chair. He got up and went to her.- They are very focused on what they do, do not feel ignored.
The girl, at first, was startled by the man, but then began to understand what he said. Indeed they seemed very concentrated.- How do you know?
The boy smiled at her.- I am the owner of this company.
She seemed to be delighted to know that.- Why do you only appears once in a while ?! They are fantastic! I really wanted to see them more often!- Be calm - the boy smiled at her gently - They need rest, so they can not do this forever, they are special.- Special?- Yes, very special. I chose them by myself traveling the world. - He pointed to one of them - see: that red dress I chose from Switzerland, the blue and white dress is from Scotland.- And that? - The little girl pointed to the dancer from the center, who was dressed in black.- That came from Wales. She is the most special of all.
The little girl looked at it all, completely fascinated.- I could dance with them someday?- Of course you do. - He smiled - Do you have something special too. Who knows when you get older?
The father of the little girl holds her in his lap, taking it away from him as possible. The girl did not understand the reason for everything, so reluctant in his father's lap while they were leaving the mansion.
The man put his daughter sitting in the carriage and sat down beside her.- What did you think you were doing?- I was just talking, Dad. He was the owner of the dancers.- Yes I know. So I do not want you to get close to him.- Why?
That is the question that no adult likes to hear, especially when there was an answer that could make the child understand. He took a deep breath and shook his head, not believing that would have to say that to her daughter, because she knew that answer could still incite more curiosity, but it was necessary. There were no other words to describe it.- He is not human, you should not believe on him.