Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, March 12, 2015

✣ тнє ∂αякєѕт ѕι∂є σƒ му нєαят

  - It's getting almost everything perfect, it's just missing one piece key to everything I want to happen.
  He looked at the room, which was empty, but waiting for the arrival of someone. The boy closed the door and locked it, to ensure that no one could enter. Even if there were only two servants beyond it, it was better to take care that everything remains as it plans until the arrival of that person.- How are they?- Just a few more repairs and they will be ready. I admit that perhaps the lack of use made the dust would harm.- I can see. However, I can not wear them too much, especially this. - He gently touched a female face - Anyway, be quick, I received an invitation to a dance tonight.- Yes, sir.- Are not you ashamed to do this?- Of course not.  Everything is allowed in love and war.
- This is insanity!- Why should I listen to you? After all,  your daughter was enchanted by this insanity that was not for her.
The woman stopped and withdrew from his presence, crestfallen. The boy looked at the clock that was in the hallway.- Only two more hours and I'll be waiting for you.


- Serena! Serena!
I was so distracted that not even realized my father calling me out of the carriage. Actually I did not want to realize that we had come here. This dress bother me and the shoes are uncomfortable, since I do not have skills to walk with high heels. However, he did not seem to mind. I sighed and smoothed her dress before following him to the interior of the Lord Stephen Causton's mansion, known old my father whose daughter completed eighteen years tonight and I was not at all excited about it.- Duke Blane, Lady Blane.
The butler gave a forced smile I've ever seen, as if deep down he only could see more people to mess up the mansion.
The father of Brythannia, Lord Stephen, came to greet us, with his daughter behind him. I did not need words to know that I did not like it and neither she likes me. Her blond hair was pulled back in a loose bun and her face was completely full of makeup, like mortar to cover up any imperfections. Anyway, the dress was what really drew attention: it was dark pink with gold trim with a neckline of those. It looked like a doll with exaggerated details.
Near I left them and decided to walk around the room when I came across a mirror. Maybe I is who was too simple, however I was happy as well. Since childhood I was allergic to all those things that Brythannia was using and so I have to go to every event with minimal makeup possible. My mother said it was better the natural beauty of the artificial and feel a person's lucky to have inherited the gray blue eyes of my mother and the smooth dark brown hair of my father with a pallor within the normal.
I looked at the clock, looking forward to the end of it all. I did not want to stay in this place for more than five seconds, but my father seemed to want to stay all night. Without my mother here, the night would be long and painful.