Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

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  The bag is filled with seventeen years of nostalgia. So many memories, so many times and now I have to finally say goodbye to that. I see my clothes that I used when I was a child, my old shoes and my dolls. I did not think this day would come so soon, but now that it arrived, I would do everything possible to postpone it. My father tells me that old stuff "pull" us always back and so we must always get rid of what is old. Anyway, I was not fully prepared. Those dolls were important to me, they were my only friends throughout my life and not it's not fair to discard them and move on.
I searched all of them, hoping to find something that would keep me and I finally found a silver chain with a picture of a kind of key. Surely my father would not mind if I save it.
A knock at the door distracts me from my thoughts.- Are you ready to finally get rid of all this?- Yes. - I felt the weight of the chain in my hands, but I decided to keep this secret.
I saw my father take the bag, without another word. I closed the door behind him and watched the scenery out the window until I saw a man, apparently young, indicating an empty space where my father could put my bag. I hear a little dialogue between them and finally the boy looks towards my window.
I have never seen eyes like that: they were blue like the wings of a butterfly on the left and at the same time, black as night without stars nor moonlight on the right. Anyway, his gaze did not last more than two seconds, but I could see a possible smile forming. Something stirred inside me, but I did not know why. Yes, I remember that smile, but where did I see it?
I was so involved in my thoughts that not even realized he was gone. I can not remember his face, but no doubt that smile going through my head. My father did not seem so happy to have seen him, however it was all over. What that boy would do with my old belongings?
I walked down the stairs quickly and I saw my father went into the house, with an upset expression. So, I stopped where I was and went back to my room, maybe his mood improved at dinner time.                                                                                ✣✣✣- Father?
He was too focused on food and took a few seconds to realize that I was there. Apparently, he was not much better than this afternoon, still decided to ask him about the guy who came to visit. He looked at me, waiting for me to start talking.- Well ... - I started, unsure of what I should ask or even what exactly I wanted to know, however it was better to know at least something than to be imagining things - Who was that guy who came here?
The his jaw muscles twitched.- Why do you want to know that? He is no one that deserves attention.- Still, I think I know him from somewhere.- You're imagining things, how could you meet a man like that?
The harsh tone of his voice told me he did not want to talk about it, however, that evil would he tell me?- Why are you so angry?- Why should not you want to know things about people like him.- Okay. - Decided not to insist more.- Great - he said, leaving the table - That this subject is not discussed more, do not want that man is mentioned. Never.
What he had against that boy I did not know. Maybe I would never know if I continued depending on his answers, so I will investigate it without his knowledge. I also did not understand the reason for all this obsession, but something inside of me longed to see him and know about something he was guarding. Maybe I could find him again, after all, eyes like those do not see every day.