Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, March 1, 2015


 Leigh was not allowed to cry anymore. The more he saw David trying to comfort him, the more he tried to contain the tears. Not even he knew why he was crying at that moment, however, the best would be to stop. It was exactly what the virus wanted them.
- David, we will not find a solution, so you should not be here anymore. You risked Dylan's life to follow me in vain.
- How do you know?
- I was able to detect the sign of him behind me all the time, I could have disabled him as I wanted. However, the virus did not know that.
- We still have time, let's go quickly
.- I have already given my answer. I prefer to find a solution alone.
- Leigh Michaelis!- Do you think we should interfere?
- Maybe. David and Leigh also seems changed.
The moment they stepped in the room, the other two were silent.

- Get out of my sight. Now.
- Leigh, you'll come with us even if by force. Dylan, hold him, please.
As Dylan approached, Leigh figured something in your processor to an absurdly fast speed. Even before the other guy take another step, Leigh temporarily disabled a part of Dylan's processor, preventing his movements.

- Leigh!
The windows of the room shattered and the boy landed on his feet in the dusty sidewalk, feeling the virus act in it with intensity. He composed himself and prepared to leave, since all hear what David was saying was exhausting. Yes, Leigh was grateful to see that they wanted to fix him, but it was too late. If so it should be, what was the problem? It was just a virus, after all, he could handle what alone.
His legs did not obey him more, causing him to fall to his knees before he even take a single step. His breathing was weak and the feeling of vertigo returned with full force. The taste of bile rose to his throat, accompanied by ferric like something he could not identify, making him vomit blood. So that was it. The virus was not only determined to take control, but also wanted to remove all sorts of "human stuff" of him, starting with the blood. His vision was blurred and ears have not airbrushed so many more sounds as before. Leigh vomited blood again and tried to lean against the wall, but fell to his knees, feeling the cold sweat trickle down his forehead.

David ran to the window while Edward finished activate Dylan processor once again.- Hurry, we have to stop him while he's here.
Edward froze.

- Did not he run?
- No, he's very ill and could not stand more than two seconds. It seems that the virus is wearing it until he has no more strength to resist.
- What are we waiting? - Dylan was back in business, balancing on the edge of the window where the glasses were broken.
David and Edward ran down stairs while Dylan jumped and landed on the sidewalk, not far from Leigh.

- I .... I told you ...get out of here ...
- Do you see your own situation? You can not even talk!
- It does not matter ... This is ... my problem.
- This is a problem for all of us. Even without looking, it is as if we were a family, Leigh. We have to take care of each other, that's why we are here for you.