Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Tuesday, February 24, 2015


- What happened?- Leigh did nothing. He's just sitting in a chair without giving any sign of what is happening.
David led the way, without waiting the other two finished the conversation. He wanted to see Leigh quickly to see how he was. However, he stopped when he saw pools of blood and bodies lying on the floor. Some with completely displaced neck, others with visible marks of being affected by an electrical discharge. David shook his head, he knew it had nothing to do with Leigh, but with that virus and that made him even more concerned about the boy.- Leigh!
The boy raised his head, which until now was supported in his hands, which were stained with blood. David was partially relieved to see it was really Leigh who was in control and ran over to him.- Do not come.- Leigh, let's get out of here! Edward will try to develop a vaccine for this virus and you'll be fine!- It's all over! The virus can dominate me anytime and I do not want to end up killing you too. I do not know how he found me, but I suggest you go away, please.
David did not accept the boy's response and approached, regardless of his shoes that were getting soiled with blood and dust. He placed his hands firmly on the boy's shoulder.- Leigh, I'm not leaving without you.- David, please, I do not want the virus do anything against you.- I do not care about the virus, only with you. We still have time to restore your system, it is not the end.- Yes, it's all over. Time is on my side.
David saw Leigh's eyes become red and he walked away. It was the first time he saw the virus in action.- How could this happen?
Dylan was awestruck and Edward scratched his chin thoughtfully.- Holly really did an amazing job, it is as if it had life.
The virus rolled his eyes. At least those humans knew they were talking about and knew what he was, what made it surprised. However, David did not feel the same.- Let Leigh alone, this body has always belonged to him.- Now it belongs to me. Holly did not know what she was doing when she put me on his body, but I know what I'm doing.
An electric current passed near David, but did not hit it, which surprised him. He knew that the virus was wrong on purpose.- I was going to kill you, but as you saved this child so I took possession of him, I think I'll spare your life for now. It will be more fun to see you trying to cure him while I take the control of his body every second.
Leigh's body collapsed again in the chair as his eyes turned blue again. However, instead of the boy looking sideways, he dropped his head in his hands, causing his black hair would cover his eyes. Dylan tried to approach, but Edwad restrained when he saw David walking toward the boy.- Leigh ...
He saw the boy sob and tremble. It was the first time that Leigh was allowed to cry.- David, I think you need to talk.
Dylan and Edward moved away from the door, but were ready to act if something happened.- David, please, go away. Take the other two with you.- I only go away if you're with me.- Please ... I will not ask again ... Go away and leave me here. Who knows what the virus could do?- He said he would not do anything for now against us. Leigh, I can not stand to see you in this way.
Leigh never allowed to cry, whatever be the circumstances, however he finally gave in to tears dripping on the dusty ground. David knelt next to him and hugged him, causing the boy realized he was not alone.- I will always be near you, I will never abandon you.- There is nothing more to do, David.- There is always what to do. You are strong, my son, we'll find a solution.