Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, December 11, 2015

{ VI. I don't have any regret

"Please think about your sister. The money will not mean anything to her or to me if you're not here.".
 Dustin could not sleep with what Blair had said and the fact that Chiara was so close to him made the decision even harder. He remembered her eyes full of hope so met again amid the rubble and from that day she avoided being as far away from him. However, she seemed happy with what might happen. What to do? Matthew expect an answer the next day.
"What about the lives of people? They do not mean anything?
They are like test tubes for a chemical experiment. This means that for us they are just the recipient of our reactions. ".
 All companies thought so. However, they needed the money and there was no other way out. In addition, Matthew promised to offer all the medical care he needed after a test.
 "It is a factory of monsters, Dustin.". Melissa's image appeared in his mind. Does his fate would be something similar? Matthew assured with all his might not. However, how could he trust? Blair was right, but it was better to risk than continuing to count the money or to live and can not sleep because they are worried about the next day.
- Dustin?
  Chiara was with eyes wide open staring at him.
- What happened?
- Will you agree to work there?
- I'm still thinking.
- Please do not turn into one of those monsters.
- I will not.
- You promise?
- Yes. I promise.

  The Dustin's mobile rang exactly three o'clock in the afternoon. He did not look at the number to know who it was.
- What is your answer?
- I accept.
- Great. I send a driver to bring you and your family here. No need to bring any belongs, have everything you need here.
- I'm trusting you, Matthew.
- Do not you worry. You will be in excellent hands from now on. The car will come in an hour at the same place we met. I'll see you later.
- Dustin, you are sure what you're doing?
- Yes I've never been so sure..
- I hope you know what you're doing.
- Do not worry, Blair. I have no regrets of what I did.
  Blair supported the forehead and hands behind his back.
- Do not worry about me.
- Yes, I care and I will always worry. While you are in their hands I will not stop never worrying.