Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Monday, December 28, 2015

{ IX. I don't know what I am Becoming

- Finally after so many tests, the company's owner accepted with great happiness the start of testing. Your biological capabilities go beyond the expected and will be really useful. We all assembled specifically testing schedule for you, however we would like to know if there is something you want to modify.
- No, only the changes of the tests are enough for me.
- Great. Please follow Nora, she will prepare you for the first test. I meet you there.

  Matthew never thought he'd wear that coat again. However, it was for that person that he was doing it and that was his only hope.
- Where is the sample?
- Here, sir.
- Bring to room where Dustin Gates is. And take a sample of his blood.
  The girl disappeared at once toward the bedroom as he tried to swallow the bitter taste of bile for thinking of deal with samples again.

- You look fine.
- Just a little blood will not hurt me.
  Dustin silently watched Matthew cautiously mix his blood with the contents of another vial was turquoise. After mixing, he put in a syringe.
- The changes may appear in a few moments in a peaceful manner. However, if you feel pain or something do not hesitate to call me at any time, do not worry.
  He looked at Matthew, intrigued by the fact that it all happened so quickly.
- Here is the combined - he put two thousand euros in the hands of Dustin - Hope to see you tomorrow.
- What will happen to me?
- There is nothing wrong. I think this will be really useful for you.

- You're back already?
- I also amazed me, though he said that was enough for today. Where is Chiara?
- It's in the bedroom. Just went back from school.
  Dustin went to the girl's room and saw her lying on the floor trying to achieve something that was under the dresser.
- What happened?
- I think something dropped here.
- I will help you.
  Chiara had completely forgotten what had fallen when she saw Dustin lift the dresser with ease.
- Why are you looking at me like that?
  He realized what Chiara was watching. Perhaps it was this change that Matthew was talking about. However, why have more physical strength would be essential for them? Well, what was left now was wait. He put the dresser back on the ground.
- Come on, Blair is waiting for us.
  The table and the food were ready when the two came down and Chiara said to Blair about the Dustin's strength.
- That's true?
  He raised the refrigerator with only one arm.
- Are you still sure about what you have chosen?
- Yes, I have nothing to complain about.
- You do not know what you are becoming.
- No, I do not know. But I'll have to find out.