Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, December 3, 2015

{ V. Factory of Monsters

  It was really a great company. Matthew was not kidding when he said they really possessed much money. On the outside, the building of them seemed greater than the presidential palace.
- Follow me. I will lead the floors and wards of the company. Please do not get separated. I also ask not to touch anything without permission, because again I say we work with products that can alter the genetics of you and no responsability me if this comes to pass.
  The door opened automatically and a breath of cold air from the air conditioning came toward them. Matthew was adapted and for him it was like a remedy, but the three were not used to that.
- Forgive me if it's too cold for you, but we need all the cooler and clean as we can because of our samples.
  The temperature of the thermometer marked 50 ° F (10 ° C) on the company's reception, but the staff did not seem bothered by it. They went to and fro without any clothes for the cold as usual.
- There is nothing too much to see here. It's just our main lobby to receive visitors.
  Matthew waited the three enter the elevator.
- The first two floors are for our "guinea pigs" - he glanced at Blair - They can stay there while they are not in testing, so we will not waste so much time with them.
  They followed the boy through the first floor, where there were several glass doors, allowing a view of the room all without going into it. Most of the rooms were empty and the others were asleep, except for one person who was in the last room.
  It was apparently a woman with long red hair, but when she heard footsteps down the hall turned her attention to the door and soon they realized that she was not a simple human woman they used to know. Had a black wing coming out of the left side of her back and claws like those of an eagle and some sharp teeth like a lion. Her eyes were the same as Matthew. Chiara hid behind Dustin, but the woman was not caring about the other three; when Matthew appeared, she struck the door violently and issued sounds and howls, where there was deep sadness.
- Do not worry, the doors are shielded and can not be broken.
- Why she was that way when she saw you?
  Blair saw him touch the bloodstain that was in the glass and whisper something before turning to answer.
- Does not matter. Let's continue.
- I saw you touching the bloodstain.
- You really are a good observer. - He looked back at the woman, who was sitting on the floor licking the right hand injury. - Melissa was my sister, but that does not matter anymore.
  Matthew led the way to the elevator and did not notice when Dustin and Blair exchanged glances about that. Chiara held both by the hand and pulled them out of there as soon as possible.
- Let's not go to the second floor because everyone is in testing. The third and fourth floor are the cold rooms where we keep our samples already tested. Only those with special permission can enter there.
- Matthew, what happened with Melissa? Why she was that way?
- Genetic modifications, remember? It was a test that went wrong and there's no way to make she go back to being human. After testing, Melissa was losing the voice and some sounds and their mentality has been reduced to a child. In addition, the only person who can approach her is me. After everything that happened, anyone else who works here and try to approach it ends up being literally torn apart.
- But...
- I will not expose my personal life nor Melissa. We are here to know the company.
  The elevator door to the fifth floor had opened, but they did not go.
- This floor is where we do the genetic alteration tests. Here we change the color of eyes, hair, skin tone and stature without harming any other body part. We received large sums of money from people who want to change something like that.
  He pressed the sixth floor button.
- This is the department where we make changes directly in the human genome and make changes in their DNA. It is also where we can grow plants, humans and animals hybrids. Well we finished the visit here.
- What about the other five floors?
- The seventh floor is the medical department, the eighth floor is the administrative and financial sector, the ninth floor is where is our director and the tenth floor is the research department, where we make new discoveries and improvements. Visitors are not allowed.
- But and about the eleventh floor?
- At the moment it is empty, waiting for the perfect completion of our tests. The visit of you ends here. I'll take back home and personally'll call tomorrow for a definitive answer.

- Dustin, will you accept?
- I guess so.
- That's crazy! You saw what happened with Melissa. Dustin, all they have no concern for others, Matthew is an example.
- But if I will be get pay for it, they can even kill me. What matters to me is to see you and Chiara well again.
  Blair turned her attention to girl.
- Chiara, honey, can you please start packing the kitchen for dinner?
  Dustin understood the intentions of Blair and waited until Chiara left the room.
- What are you thinking? You're the only person she now has in the world!
- And I think the same thing it nevertheless promised to look after her welfare first and foremost. For now, accept this is the only alternative.
- It is a factory of monsters, Dustin.
- A factory of monsters or not, Chiara is up to me to go back to live as before.