Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Monday, December 14, 2015

{ VIII. Attention

- Sir.
- Matthew, I got your message.
- Impressive, is not it?
- I must admit so. I never imagined that this country would house a piece as valuable as him. Make sure that all procedures occur properly, it may be the first of many we have planned.
- I know what I'm doing, I should have full confidence in me.
- And I have. However, I am afraid of losing a chance as scarce as this.
- Do not worry, I will take care of all the changes personally so that nothing goes beyond planned.
- You rarely sets out to do that. What happened? Still feels guilty for what happened to Melissa?
- Shut up. We're not talking about her.
  Matthew growled when he heard the laughter of his "boss", but knew he could look angry, otherwise he could lose his sister.
- I'm counting on you, Matthew. Do not take your eyes off neither over him nor the family.
- You have my word.
  He hung up and sat on the bed. Sometimes he wanted to disappear, simply having peace and tranquility to take care of his sister. His gaze turned to a notebook that was on his desk.
- Do not worry, I'll take good care of him. I will not let anything happen to any cell of him. However, I will not do for you, but for someone else.

  She sat on the floor, staring at the door as usual. The others were sleeping and so she did not make any noise when she saw him entering the room.
- I said I would come, did not I?
  Melissa nodded, happy to see him and with a tray in hands. Matthew sat down next to her and put the tray on the floor. He handed her a cup of hot tea and opened the jar containing biscuits.
  As she finished eating, he took her hair brush and, like a very caring father, left her hair as it should be. What hurt him was remember that before he had ever done that for her, now that he had become a prisoner of his own guilt.
  She held out a cookie for him.
- I'm fine, my love. Do not worry about me.
  Melissa insisted, this time pointing to his belly and holding his little finger so that he realized how thin he was. Matthew smiled at her.
- You noticed?
  The girl agreed.
- I admit that I have no more time to feed me as I should, especially after that boy appeared.
"I do not want you to get sick," she wrote on a piece of paper.
  For him, it was a blow. Melissa knew that everything that happened to her was because Matthew gave her to the researchers to serve as a guinea pig. For more afraid she had that day, he did not to notice and now even suffering like that she still cared for him, she still loved him.
- I'm really sorry. I know nothing I say will change what happened to you, but I wanted you to know how much I regret for not having thought of you. If it was really for you serve as a test, so I even should have done it. At least you could still talk and live normally as before.
 The girl put her head on his shoulder, like she did not care what happened. She took that same piece of ground paper and started writing.
"I do not care why have happened. At least I can have my real brother to me every day.".
  His eyes watered for a second. She did not have to become another being to be loved by him. Even with all he had to do and busier than he was in those years, the only thought that surrounded his mind was to be with Melissa.
  She yawned and snuggled closer to him to sleep. Matthew held her in his arms and laid her on the bed, when he also laid at the first time. Melissa opened her eyes, hoping he would say goodbye as usual, but he did not.
- I'll stay here this time. If you let.
  The smile that was on her lips and in her eyes was more precious than any words she could say. He hugged her and feeling her breath so close to him, he slept as peacefully as he thought.