Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, December 13, 2015

{ VII. The Begining of a New Life

- You have come early.
  Matthew was leaving the elevator, with a haggard expression he struggled to hide.
- We arrived in bad time?
- Do not bother with it. While you were on the way, I took the liberty to arrange the house of you and all that is within it. Please follow me.
  They got into the car and followed a few blocks from firm up to park in front of a bigger house than the one where they were living during those months. It was a really sophisticated townhouse and it certainly should not was cheap.
- You will be here. Different from what we usually do with the other, the owner of the company has enabled this house was a gift of welcome.
- What does that mean?
- It means that the house is yours even if Dustin decides to leave our company. No one can take it from you starting today. We are investing in the country of you so it does not lose its independence and my superiors were able to convince some other nations to help. Therefore, I believe that you will not need to worry about to move again. Also, I even took the liberty to enroll the child in a school that has strong relationships with our company. I can take care of her well-being throughout the school term of her. Also, the sooner she starts to attend the school it will be best for her.
- When should she go?
- Tomorrow, if possible.
  Matthew handed the keys to Dustin, who opened the door of the house with anxiousness. Chiara was the first to come in and see that the house was fully furnished: the living room, the kitchen, all rooms and other rooms. There were only the furniture, but the electronic equipment that were essential for them with technology that nobody in the country had access unless the own company.
- Dustin's function starts from today at the company. So you both have all day free. - He handed two cards to Blair and other key - You know how to drive, right? - She agreed - In the garage there is a car waiting for you. The wardrobes are empty and the cupboards and suggest you spend time making the necessary purchases.
  It would be easy for Blair wandering around the city, as the capital knew like the back of hand because of the frequent trips that her dad was there. Chiara said goodbye to Dustin and they went to the garage while Matthew took the boy back to the company.
- Do not you worry. They will only do all the specific tests in the early days to know what can and can not do to you in the course of the tests.
  When they returned to the main hall, there was a middle-aged woman dressed in a white coat waiting for them.
- You must be Dustin Gates.
- Yes.
- She is Nora, the responsible for the tests that you will do. She is our most capable professional, has been with us ever since our company began to grow. Feel free to fully trust her.
- I thought you...
  Matthew smiled.
- No. I am personal assistant of the owner of the corporation from the beginning and I am here only for supervisory absolutely everything as he solves the political and diplomatic issues of this country to continue with the research.
- But for this you should have enough knowledge of each area, right?
- Of course. As the owner of the company, I know all departments and all functions. My knowledge in all areas here can be compared with those of a marshal in a battlefield.
  Dustin swallowed and it did not go unnoticed by any of the other two.
- Matthew has more knowledge than we realize. He solves most of the problems that appear in the company and it is our most representative for international relations. Come on, we have many tests to do for today and we do not have any second shot.
  The boy had no time to ask something that was important to him: if Matthew had so much knowledge and skills, why he does not use the resources to heal Melissa? Does not he care about her condition?

- How will Dusin is?
- I hope he's all right.
  Chiara and Blair were finishing to save the last groceries they bought. For them, the day was really tiring, but were able to buy all that was necessary for everyone and just one afternoon.
- I hope Dustin likes the clothes.
- I'm sure he will - Blair smiled - are exactly made for him. Come, let's start preparing dinner for sure Dustin will get hungry.

- I am glad for your results, kid.
  Dustin looked surprised to see that Matthew knew the test results.
- Your tests were ordered by the owner of the company urgently for analysis, so I was instructed to finalize the results. Rest and prepare for other exams tomorrow. Try to arrive as early as you can to move forward to all examinations and finally start with the tests themselves. Unlike the tests, the exams will have a lower price, that's why I need to pay you a thousand euros for today.
- Thank you so much.
- We are even more grateful to be able to rely on a biological delicacy like you. Do you need any driver take you home?
- Do not worry, I prefer walking.

- Dustin!
  Blair appeared in the room when she heard the exclamation from Chiara.
- What did they inject into you? Are you hurt? Do you feel something strange? That Matthew has done something to you?
- Blair, contain yourself. - Dustin took her hands - They will only do exams to know about my health and functioning of my body to fter begin the changes.
  She sighed, relieved and amazed by the amount of money that Dustin showed to her.
- They really are not worried about money. Thousand euros only for a few hours of exams is a really high value.
- Matthew said the owner of the company wants my results as soon as possible.
- How can him know that? What is Matthew function in that company at all?
- He is personal assistant to the owner and is here to supervision until things in our country return to normal. One of the employees named Nora said that Matthew has more knowledge than they realize about all the company's departments, as well as being favorite representative for international relations.
- He is not an ordinary man. And he certainly is not in this position because they like the work.
- What you mean?
- Of course he's the kind of person who is up plans to take the place of the owner. One way or another, he is subjugated to someone and that's what a mind of someone so bright not want for itself.
- You are thinking beyond time. We must wait and see what happens.
- I do not want to see, but I have no choice.
- Meanwhile we have left is to enjoy our own lives.
- Yes, but I'm not happy with the fact that I will be alone in this house.
- You know the capital like the back of your hand, I'm sure you'll find something to do. Moreover, Chiara is back from school in the afternoon. It is the beginning of a new life, Blair, and we should enjoy it to the fullest.