Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, February 20, 2015


  The building looked much kept outside. Some walls inside the company were with infiltration marks and graffiti thugs who entered there, and the paint peeling off the wall. Anyway, the building infrastructure did not matter, but the equipment that was inside it and that until now Leigh could not find. He sifted through three floors and there was absolutely nothing that could be found useful.
As he climbed the stairs leading to the fourth floor, the boy saw some copper wire thrown over the steps and heard the noise of furniture being dragged into any room. He hurried and saw an open door down the hall, along with a few chairs and tables outside and it certainly should be inside.
There was no one at the time, but he knew that there were people that walk by the sound of footsteps in the neighboring rooms and this allowed him scoured the equipment they were there. Certainly were not as advanced as today's, but were still working and something there could help. However, half of them were not storing any type of file. They were just empty machines.

Dylan looked down the block. There was still no sign of Leigh there. Edward was rushing him, but how could he find it? How could he approach without being disabled or damaged by virus that was taking the control of the another hybrid body? This was not an easy task, especially because he lost his signal from time to time, making it impossible for him to be sure where he went.- Dylan, did you find any trace of him?- It is as if he had not gone through here.- Keep looking, David is about to have an attack.- I wanted it to be easy, but what I will do if find it? He can see me and turn off me.- Just let us know and keep following it. Anyway, find him first.- I found the sign and it's coming from a company that has been turned off for years.- Go there and do your best to he does not see you. We're going.
- What do you think you're doing here? We do not accept invaders in this building!- This is ironic coming from you. I believe that none of you worked here before this decay company.
One of growled and advanced refugees, causing the tinnitus returned to his ears. It started to disappear and he had no idea of ​​all.- I'd be there if I were you.- Do you think I'm scared of you? Go away and I promise to save your life.
Leigh's eyes followed the movements of the refugee, who was with an iron bar in his hand, ready to attack him.- Do you think this iron bar can do something against me? I can take care of you without even touching you.- This does not intimidate me, stupid kid.- But it should.
The other refugee was leaning close to one of the computers had his body invaded by an electrical discharge of the device, which was plugged in. The refugee survivor still skeptical, as if it was nothing more than coincidence, however, Leigh began to squint and the electric current that was still there was turning into sparks that seemed to have life.- What are you? - The refugee's eyes found the boy - You're not human! You're a monster!- I've heard it before and I admit that humans are limited. You humans always use the same words. More and more I'm sick of all this.
The refugee, even with shaking hands, advanced with the intention of killing him.
Dylan saw the melted bars and perceived to be the Leigh or virus' work that was within him. Thus, he headed toward the inside of the company, since the signal from the other boy was getting stronger with each step he took forward.- Edward, he is still in the business.- We are on the way.- Come quickly, I do not know how long he will continue here.

The iron bar fell with a resounding thud on the floor and rolled away from the body that was thrown against the wall, sending a new noise and that brought more refugees into that room.- What did you do? Who are you?- You do not need to know. I do not want anything from you. Even if I wanted, you have nothing to offer me.- Your arrogance will get you in trouble.- I doubt it.
The refugee's neck vertebrae parted, whose noise made the other two got scared. Leigh was not worried about killing them and was determined to do whatever it took for anyone getting in his way. Three of the five refugees were dead and nothing would stop him from finishing the job.- You will not go away without suffering what you did.- I killed three of your friends and you still want to face me?
With a snap, the electrical current reached the man, but not enough to kill him. The refugee rose, determined, although realizing that he had no chance while the other left the friend behind and started running as fast as he could, before Leigh kill him.