Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, February 15, 2015


  His eyes returned to normal moments later. He really needed to act, and fast. At this time, David must have been crazy with worry and his signal could be tracked at any time. However, what to do? After what he had just done, surely he would not return home, since he had killed two people.
   Leigh sat back in the alley corner, but his sleep disappeared. See the dead blond boy and remember the sound of it breaking vertebrae was hopeless. Anyway, the fact that he killed the other boy with an electrical discharge of a simple cell battery was also not acceptable. The virus controlled skills that he did not know he could do. Yes, Leigh knew he could control electronic equipment, however, he did not know he could manipulate energy that kept them connected and active.
   After being controlled, all the symptoms he had previously had disappeared completely. It was as if now he was just a puppet that could destroy everything quickly and helplessly.
   Leigh began to think of a solution, however nothing came to his mind. Everything there was empty and there was no one to help him solve everything.
   He looked at the sky and saw the first rays of sunlight cutting through the morning. What were David and Edward doing at this hour? Leigh shook his head to ward off this kind of thinking and stood up. He took the phone from his pocket again to see his reflection. He was fine, at least for now.
   The boy left the alley and looked up. That was the newly abandoned Technology building that  Leigh had seen. There might be something useful there and to help the virus cure. However, he could not just climb the building and he could see that the front door was locked and the alarms were ready to shoot, what should have been done by some of the homeless who managed to take shelter there.
   Leigh walked the around the block, looking for some discreet entrance where there were no cameras or alarms, but it was impossible. Everywhere had cameras and he could not just climb the bars that were in company funds and enter.

- I found his signal!
- Are you sure? Edward, I'm not time for jokes, Leigh is at risk.
- I'm not kidding. However, the signal disappears suddenly, as if the virus inside him was joking with us. Dylan, come here a moment.
   Dylan approached the computer and looked at the red dot that appeared and disappeared on the screen in a street that he did not know. Anyway, he knew what Edward was thinking.
- I can get there, however, as I will keep you informed?
- Take your mobile phone. If you can track Leigh, do not hesitate to call us.
- The problem is the virus detect him. If it does, it can disable Dylan.
- If this happens we would have his location and we could get there quickly. After all, the signal is not too far from us.