Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, February 5, 2015


  Three days. Just three days for everything to end.
   Leigh finally got a place to try to spend the rest of the night. It was not as comfortable as his home, but he would be alone. It was a dimly lit alley that was in that block and away from any sign of people walking around. Even so, the boy was having difficulty sleeping. All this was still hard to believe.
   Why Holly had done so knowing that could happen something? She did not trust in his ability to protect himself and the database? No, could not be. She seemed to believe him, but like any mother, feeling unsure of his fate without her to assist. In fact she would know what to do now, but since she was not there, the best thing to do was to try to think like her.
- Well, well, well, what do we have here? It looks like a lost little boy.
   Leigh did not bother to look in the direction of the person who was speaking. He knew that everything was just a provocation without any sense and so closed his eyes, trying to sleep as if there was no one there.
- What happened? Did the cat get your tongue?
- It seems that even here I will have peace. If not noticed, I'm trying to sleep.
- Really? - The boy with long red hair held Leigh by his shirt collar and lifted him off the ground to force and clenched a fist - How about a help to sleep?
- Very kind of you, but I'm fine. I think those who need help to sleep is you.
   The red-haired boy growled and raised his fist, but Leigh did not have time to get rid of and ended up taking a punch in the face. His lower lip was cut, so that he could feel the taste of blood invading his mouth.
   The feeling of vertigo returned, stronger than ever and a buzz began to make his crazy. Anyway, the red haired boy gave him another punch and threw him against the wall.
- Won't you do anything, little boy?
   Leigh did not answer. His head was hurting too much to think to answer. All that was before him had no importance, not even the fact that others in the group are joining around him.
- Are you afraid?
   The laughter came to his ears, but Leigh was inconsiderate. Something inside him was shaking and he could not control, no matter the determination he had.

   An electric shock ran through the boy's body with red hair, causing him to fall to the ground unconscious while Leigh stood up.
- What have you done, you bastard?
   The blond-haired boy came forward, but Leigh grabbed his throat until he listened to the vertebrae of it breaking.
   Once the blond boy fell, the boy looked at the others who were around.
- Who will be next? - His voice was not the same.
   The other looked into his eyes and left as quickly as they could, frightened. The red-haired boy stood swaying but prepared to fight back with a bang when he sees the Leigh features, which was approaching.
- You're not human ... You're a demon!
- Think what you want.
   The violent attitude and the metallic voice of Leigh startled him, but he had no time to flee, for a new electrical discharge did the job for him.
- Stupids.
   His voice was as before, but Leigh wanted to know why the others had fled like that. He took the phone from his pocket and looked at his own face he saw that his eyes were red as blood, so that he could not believe. Edward was right, the virus was dominating him gradually.