Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, February 21, 2015


- I would not go there if I were you, unless you are friend of that guy.- What?
The refugee, who apparently should have taken shelter in that building, looked at all sides concerned to go down the stairs to the first floor before whatever it was came. Dylan did not understand anything, but continued to follow up to see that the refugee's shoes were leaving footprints with blood stains.- Edward, where are you?- Why the rush, Dylan? I'm ten blocks from there.- Come quickly, a refugee was just here in haste and said I should not proceed. In addition, his shoes were dirty the blood and I think this has anything to do with Leigh.- My son is not a murderer! - David protested, energetic.- I not saying it was Leigh who killed someone, but I am saying that the virus must be behind it. Come quickly, I'll see what the situation is.
Dylan walked up the stairs as fast as he could as he followed the bloody footprints refugee to the fourth floor, which ended in the last room of the corridor on the left. He heard the sound of a body being thrown against something, he did not know ediscriminate where. Anyway, what mattered was knowing that even Leigh was there.
The room was silent and the boy decided to approach the door, being careful not to be perceived. Really Leigh was still there, as the sign of him was getting stronger and stronger with each step.

He looked at the bodies on the floor, not caring what he had just done. Anyway, it was something wrong and he had lost a part of his control to the boy who should be the owner of that body. He looked at one of the window panes and saw that his right eye was blue. It was not only the right eye, but also the members of the right side was being controlled by him and trying to reach the laptop that was on a desk.- What do you think will win this? It's useless.
The hybrid side of it did not answer, just determined to access the object. The virus was ceding control to it gradually, since sooner or later that body belong to him anyway.
Leigh would have preferred not to take his body back account. The more he saw the blood on the floor and the walls he felt like a monster. The refugees were not guilty of anything and ended up dying in vain by his hands. The boy did not dare to look at your hands and not to the corpses. He felt a killer.
- Edward!- Dylan! Stop hurry! We are going up!- Where are you?- On the second floor.- Hurry! The virus did Leigh kill four of the five refugees whoose were living here.
David felt disturbed to hear what Dylan said. Holly had condemned her own son without knowing what awaited him. It was not just because of what was happening now, but also for the unique solutions that Edward met: the virus could be quarantined and Leigh would be doomed to have to be scanned and submitted the vaccine attempts fortnightly or the boy could be disabled for life. In this way, the virus could not take control of anything.- David, what happened?- It's nothing. Just do not want to think about in the event that there is no cure for that virus. I do not want Leigh suffer with it in his body, but also do not want it to be disabled. For me, Leigh could grow as a normal young.- But he is not a normal young. Leigh and Dylan, are special creatures and deserve the kind of care. We will only disable him if really there was no other way out.

None of those computers helped. There was nothing in them that could be useful and even if it had, the virus could corrupt the system in seconds, making all machines become invalid. Worse than corrupt systems, it was corrupting his body as a whole, making each cell was under the control of the virus, as if they had never belonged to him. Leigh looked back at the report that Edward managed computer, it is no more than one and a half day from now. What would become of him after this time? They find him or he would be wandering around under the control of cyber something for life, without even knowing what he was doing or not?
- He's still there?- Yes, and I admit that he seems upset about what happened.