Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Tuesday, February 17, 2015


  Dylan could have Leigh's signal even away from Edward's house. He had no doubt that the virus had something to do with it and soon he hurried to find his friend.
   Every step he took Dylan had the impression that he was in a totally different city. Abandoned high-rise buildings, houses demolished and cars completely destroyed. It was like he was a ghost town. For what reason
would Leigh be in a place like that? Would it be all because of the virus?

   How would he do to enter? The cameras that were there had been disabled, however the grid was too high for him to climb. Yes, he had jumped from a building before, but this was not the same. That building was much higher and the top of the grid had an electric fence. Leigh disabled it, but still there are some remnants of electrical charge that circulated through the lattice, making it impossible for the climb without receiving an electric shock. He looked around, but there was nothing that could be done. He could not climb the walls because the windows were reinforced and were locked.
   The boy began to hear those same hum again that he could not focus on what was around him. Small electrical impulses passed through his brain, however Leigh did not know where they came from. Even though he tried to see what was happening, everything was out of focus and the boy could not see anything but distorted shadows.
   When he least expected it, tinnitus disappeared and his vision was returning to normal. Leigh had no idea what had happened, however, to look again at the bars, he saw that a part of it was undone, as if someone had melted them.
   He did not need much to know what happened. A piece of broken mirror on the floor was enough that he could see the red eyes disappearing gradually. The virus knew how to use his skills better than himself. Leigh did not know he could manipulate electricity to make metal objects warm until they melt, however, the virus seemed to know everything and so he wanted to completely dominate the body of the boy. Anyway, why the virus was helping him? Surely it knew what were his intentions and yet it was cooperating with him. Leigh did not understand the reason, but now he could not be thinking about it. There was a passage and now he could explore all that was in the company.

- Dylan, did you find it?
- As if it were easy. Leigh can not sit still in one place for more than five seconds.
- What is the situation?
- He just went in one of the abandoned businesses, however the virus appeared again, but I do not know why.
- Find him as soon as possible. We can not allow the virus to take care of him completely. We only had two days to prevent this.