Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

║☓ Seventeenth Bloody Rose

- Sir! The soldiers are beginning to retreat!
- Are you sure?
- Yes sir. We do not know for what reason, but they are all returning to the North.
   After more than a week, Richard did not understand what was going on between that clan. Was this some surveillance to ensure that we will not suffer any other attack? He could not tell.
- They are like more suspicious than usual.
- That does not sound good. - Liam was worried - I'm not having a good feeling about them.
- Anyway, we can do nothing but prepare for whatever comes to pass. Have the soldiers who are guarding enter, there is no reason to keep them on guard around the castle.
  Liam did not want to leave Richard alone, however, he could not disobey a direct order. Before he had finished crossing the exit, he hears the sound of a body falling on the floor and glass being shattered.
- Where was this guy?
- I do not know, but certainly it was well hidden.
  He was right in not wanting to get away from Richard, however no use whining.
- Call all here immediately.
- What is it, Liam?
  The soldiers and generals would not stop whispering to each other about how it happened, after Richard would be strong enough to withstand the wound of an arrow.
- Listen, everyone. - Liam got up and went - there was a trap, and unfortunately we step inside. Richard has fallen because of this arrow, which was poisoned especially for him. Whoever has done it, certainly calculated it well, but we can not surrender.
- Liam, what do we do without a leader? It is impossible that we can win this war without Richard!
- Before he died, Richard asked me to keep this letter with my life. - He showed all - in this letter, Richard put the name of the person who will replace him to continue this war and that is as good as it was ... - Liam folded the letter and put it in the hands of Blake - Richard entrusted the clan leadership to you, general Allucard.
- What? Liam, this can only be madness! I can not accept such a thing!
- You must accept. Blake, you wanted to be free, right? - The boy nodded - So take the lead and put an end to this war as well as Richard planned. If we surrender, neither you nor your sister will come out here and be killed by the clans of the northern border. Also, we do not come this far to surrender because we are without a leader. That's exactly what that Belgian wants. Will you let him have power over everything?
  Blake clenched his fists, undecided, but he felt someone's hand on his shoulder.
- I promised I would not enter this war, but I'm breaking this promise to help you. Blake, you will never be alone, I will always be by your side.
- Thank you, Achila.
- Valentine, how do you do such a thing without telling me? I'm shocked.
- While you think of those brothers, I'm always one step ahead. You should be careful, Abel.
- I can think about it later. But what you, the noble strategist, plan to do?
- You should know that we have no reasons to delay the attack. Do what you want right now, but only follow a single statement of mine.
  Abel smiled at what Valentine said to the soldiers, unable to contain the anxiety of being in control of all lands and power to subdue the other clans, but what made him even happier was thinking that the brothers would not last much longer time than planned.