Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, September 17, 2015

║☓ Sixteenth Bloody Rose

- Blake! Blake! Wake up!
- What happened?
- Do you know anyone called Valentine?
- Of course not, why did you wake me up to ask that?
- Because when I was taking a sunbath I saw a shadow pass at high speed in full sunlight and followed it. It was a pure noble blood of black hair and very red and bright eyes, as if they were jewels.
- And what does that have anything exceptional?
- He can stay in full sunlight without suffering any damage.
- This is an absurd.
- I saw it with my own eyes! When I asked his name, he disappeared.
- Achila, are you sure you still want to go out to sunbathe? It should not be doing you good.
- Do not make fun of me, okay? I know what I saw.
  Blake shrugged and went back to sleep automatically, with no response. Achila came out the hard steps down the corridor to cross with Liam, who stood waiting the approach of the hunter.
- Our general can not believe you, but I believe.
- So you heard.
- My hearing is keener than you think.
- This can actually happen?
- Yes. When a vampire spends his entire life feeding on only human blood, new features are appearing: one is strength and physical strength beyond the norm even for the standard of vampires and a speed that even our eyes have difficulty to capture and the rarest of all is the resistance to sunlight. I must say that Valentine was actually awarded luck.
- It would be an excellent example of reinforcement.
- Yes, but we can not rely on other vampires. We do not know his origin. Also - Liam looked out the window - I have not good impressions about this name, it is as if I had ever heard before.

- Lord Valentine? What are you doing here?
- Take care of your post at the time, but make sure that I'm not here to play. - Valentine shifted his gaze to the soldier, who was with the frightened expression and softened - Please focus on your business by now, soon I will trust you something extremely important.
- Yes sir. - The soldier's expression softened.
  While he was cold and calculating, Valentine knew how to treat the lower castes gently and complacency, which made him be respected and admired by his followers, just Abel's opposite, which spared no effort to get rid of soldiers and did not care to humiliate those below him.
  Valentine's eyes roamed the castle with incredible speed and began scribbling on a sheet of paper in seconds before handing it to the soldier.
- Take this and follow every instruction to the letter. I'm trusting you.
  The soldier glanced at the contents of the paper.
- Do not disappoint, my lord. I will bring news soon.
  Valentine smiled and disappeared through the trees.

- Valentine! You scared me. Where were you?
- Shut up, I do not satisfactions of my life for you.
- Okay okay. - Abel did surrender - At least you seem happy with whatever you have done.
- I'll be even happier in the coming days.
- What's the next day?
- Wait and see, Abel. Wait and see.