Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

║☓ Fifteenth Bloody Rose

- It was exactly what I expected of them! Did you see it, Valentine?
- I do not understand what you see so extraordinary in them. For me, they'd be dead at the beginning of this war.
- Oh, do not do that. They have two interesting toys.
- We have more things to worry about besides them.
- Valentine, have you ever wondered how tasty could be the blood of that girl dripping down your throat? I would do anything to get that feeling.
  Valentine walked away, asking himself why he made an alliance with someone like Abel, however he had his utilities as like to appear in public as he could quietly plotting each strategy and ensure victory over the most influential as he did up now. Everyone was always so concerned about Abel to even know who the person with whom he made an alliance and this was a good thing for him, as it could get out and explore the enemy territory to map out their strategies more clearly without being noticed by others as a suspect.
- Abel, I will leave.
- What?! Valentine, are you okay? Are you ill? It's almost dawn!
- Leave me alone and finish doing what you started.
- But you do not even go out to hunt ... Valentine? Valentine!
  Unlike other, Valentine had some resistance to the sun and could study the situation more clearly while the others slept to have the perfect plan of attack.

  Achila took the sunshine for a walk in the neighborhood to find out what was happening inside the northern army without running the risk of being attacked by anyone. What was going on in that head Belgian to leave a part of his army in the castle surroundings? If what Liam said was true, then the war would be close to finishing if they won. Blake would be free and she too.
  She saw a shadow move with incredible speed in full sunlight not far from her. It could not be a vampire, as they would have been turned into ashes in the same moment that came into contact with sunlight. Could be any other human lost? No, no human being has a speed like that. So what could it be? Achila drew her gun and ran in the same direction of the shadow.
  That smell. Long ago he did not feel a smell like that. No doubt it was the only hunter left in the world and now was coming toward him. All humans are equal, even though it may be in danger insist on giving in to curiosity. Her footsteps were closer, making him notice that she did not make any effort to run over to him. He just would not kill her because it did not interest him at the moment.
- Who's there? Show up, or I'll be forced to shoot.
- I do not think that's necessary.
  Achila saw a tall shadow walking toward her slowly and with hands raised to reach the boundaries between shadow and sunlight. Was a vampire with pure and noble blood, without a doubt and that reminded her Blake. His hair was even blacker than the Blake and he looked even paler than the rest of its kind. The clothes were apparently heavy, as they were made of black and red leather with some loud silver.
- Who are you?
- I'm just passing through, miss, do not worry about me.
  His eyes were red like human blood, but carry unique beauty and nobility that no other vampire in the world would.
- What are you doing here? It's one of the Northern soldiers?
  He smiled for reasons that only he would understand and stepped from the shadows slowly walking toward her.
- I'm not one soldier, you should realize that I am part of the nobility for yourself. I am here only in passing to feed me.
- How could you do this?
- What? Ah, stay in the sun without turn into ashes? Say I fed me so much human blood absorbed certain features and resistance to the sun is one. Are you surprised?
 Achila analyzed him critically, but did not remember him at all.
- What is your name? I've ever seen anyone like you around here before.
- My name is Valentine. - He bowed slightly before disappearing.