Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, September 12, 2015

║☓ Fourteenth Bloody Rose

  The help from the northern army made Richard lost sleep the next ten days. None of it made sense, unless they were quite sure of what they wanted. Anyway, he hoped that the war would not come so quickly.
But what if something happened? Who would take control of the army and of that clan to that victory was guaranteed? Even with the decreasing amount of enemies, the tension grew more and more, as only one could emerge victorious clan of all that carnage that was going on. He rang the bell and the most trusted strategist knocked his door seconds later. 

- I do not think that's a good idea, sir. 
- Liam, I have no choice. If anything happens to me in the course of this war I want everything to be forwarded and decided. I ask you to keep this letter and I want you to promise me that you will support the new leader in the same way that you supported me during these years. 
- Yes sir. I would never betray my origins, though I have my doubts. 
- There is no place for doubt, I have decided and will not change my decision.
 - I completely understand, but I hope you know what you are doing.
 - You do not trust me?
 - I trust you, but not on what might happen after this new commander to take control of the situation. - He put the paper in his jacket pocket - but I still can not understand the reason you think about it now. For years and years you never thought about dying or losing, you prepared us for this war a lifetime. 
- Things change and I fear what might happen going forward. The enemies of the northern border have impeccable army and are the ones who are not yet in internal conflicts. All other clans who had entered alliances with each other and conflicts and ended up killing each other, but the Belgian and the other seem to be in harmony, as if they were brothers and that makes me worried. 
 - They may have intended to kill everyone and then fight each other to decide who will rule everything, however they are being careful with us because of what we have here. 
- The brothers Allucard.
- Exactly. By the time they are fearing their power, but I'm sure that they, especially that Belgian, planning to kill them first and then loot the castle. Therefore, leave them as they are so close together can commit ourselves, as they may end up being killed at once, making way for the enemy and for our defeat. 
- Blake made me promise not to separate them. In addition, they manage to fix things. They managed to escape withlife from him, they can do it again.
Liam frowned, little confident with the statement of his master. 

- My Lord! South enemy movements are being detected!
 - Is there any kind of reinforcement?
 - No sir. Apparently their alliance was broken, since the soldiers are wounded.
The soldiers and generals were ready to leave, though Richard saw that Blake was the controlling in the lobby.

 - What's going on here?
 - Richard, we can not let them out into battle, at least not now.
 - I understand you're getting at ... You all, lower your weapons and wait my commands.
Achila was watching the movement of the window.

 - Blake! They are coming again!
Richard and Blake rushed to look out the window and saw the same scene repeating itself: Northern soldiers came, eliminated enemies and simply walked away without another word.

 - My Lord! Northern soldiers were detected through the trees, do not say what they plan to do. 
- Continue watching and do not miss even a single movement, this indicates that they are up to something. I need soldiers around the castle for a while until they decide to do something.
The soldiers who were dressed volunteered to stay around the castle until sunrise while Richard was thinking what to do. 

- It is clear that this is an attack movement. 
- Liam, we can not get ahead of ourselves. - Blake countered - And if they know of another enemy attack near and waiting for? 
- You are a very naive kid. The only clan that remain are ours, theirs, and the center-west border. Wondering how that Belgian is ornery, I suppose he has sent troops in that direction to put an end to that castle. 
- In other words, we are their only obstacle to the rule of the land.
 - Exactly. After they assumed power over all the clans, they have broken up the alliance and will fight to decide who will actually control everything. For this reason we keep the senses alert even while we sleep.