Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, October 10, 2015

║☓ Eighteenth Bloody Rose

  Richard's ashes were blown away in the main lobby. The only thing they had left now was wait for enemy movement, which certainly does not take much to happen. Blake still could not believe what was happening to him and, even with the aid of Achila, he was not sure what to do. The leadership was something he never wanted and now that did not know where to go, what to say, what to do.
- This will all end, Blake, do not have to stay that way.
- Achila, you do not know how I'm feeling. I can not believe all this is happening to me of a sudden.
- You are not alone, we are all together. I said I would be at your side, and I will do my best to help you win.
  It seemed that something was going on downstairs, since they could hear sounds of guns and people walking from one side to the other.
- My lord! The Northern soldiers returned, and it seems that their leader is also here!
- We have no time to lose, come on!
- What about me?
- You come too, they do not know that you are the leader and we need your skills on the battlefield along with your sister. Some soldiers and a general will be here to take care of the castle.
  Blake was not feeling fully comfortable at first with that armor, but the course of the battle he would adapts with it soon. Abel was there, dressed in white and silver armor he always wore, piercing everyone with his sword and without taking his eyes off Blake and Achila, which together had brought down more than half of his soldiers.
- Beautiful armor, it's a shame that it will not protect you for a long time.
  Blake nearly had his left shoulder pierced but a Achila shot made Abel's sword flew away.
- You want to play, little girl? - He smiled predatorily - So let's play.
- So come, but it's a shame that so shining armor is not shielded.
  Both were removed from the battlefield, and Blake did not know what to do. There were still enemies around and he could not abandon them to help her sister.
- Go help her, Blake. We can take care of these here.
  He nodded and used all the speed he could to reach Achila, diverting the Abel seeming exhaustion attacks. Blake threw the spear at them, and narrowly missed Abel.
- You too? So not funny. Two against one is not exactly something fair, even though I'm stronger than you two together.
- Coward.
- Let him go, Achila. You look tired.
- I'm fine, do not ...
  Blake did not know where they had shot that arrow, but he knew he had to take it to Liam because only he would know what to do.
- You will not get away with it.
  The boy hurried the best I could, but the arrows of the soldiers made him lose the balance from time to time and he felt even more worried. The castle was still distant and, as much as he used all his speed, the archers do not lose sight for any instant. The breathing of Achila was getting weaker and it made him anxious.
  One of the arrows hit his right leg, causing him to fall and giving opportunity for soldiers carry the body of the girl to the border, just as they did with him the first time they faced each other.
- Blake, where are you going? You will do exactly what he wants!
- I don't care about what he wants, my sister is more important. I never forgive myself if she dies.
- Blake, you are no longer just a general, get back here! Blake!
- I will not go back without Achila!
  Blake took the spear and ran as fast as he could not to lose sight of the archers.
- He is falling into our trap.
- Abel, you know what to do now.
- Yes. Come on, everybody! We have to do better welcoming committee we can.