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Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, June 14, 2015

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- So you already know ... - he looked to my father - Why am I not surprised? 
- Because it could be revealed one day, Claude. You knew you could not hide it from her for ever. 
- Yes, I could, if I had taken her with me. However, things happen, right? - He looked at me again - Come on, Serena.
I took two steps back. I did not want to leave this house and continue my life as if nothing had happened. I did not want to leave my father thinking of his situation and I would be appeared to spend my life with someone who does not even care what I thought or felt. Anyway, I feared what he could do.
I felt two smooth and firm hands on my shoulders and I did not look up to see who was. 

- I do not want you to worry about me, do not want you to be thinking about what I told you; One way or another, Claude made you become this wonderful girl and I can not get you out from your own world. As much as I love you, I can not just keep you here.
 - There's nothing for you here, Serena. - Claude was not willing to compromise - Luke is nothing more nor less than an empty and embittered man who lives by ambition and greed. He is no longer the same man, he has no reason to care about you now as I have.
I could not stand to hear both ignoring what I said. I understand the fact that Claude want to convince me to go with him, but I could not understand why my own father want to give myself to that man again. Was stamped on his face how much he wanted me to be there, but he induced me to go with Claude and forget him.
I climbed the stairs and went into the room where was the body of my mother. At least she would not induce me anything I did not want to and I could be at peace for some time.

 - Serena! Come back here!
I heard only the voice of Claude calling me and heard no step behind me. This was further proof that my father wanted me to stay, otherwise he would come looking for me.
I leaned over the coffin and watched as my mother managed to overcome all this without my father around. How she managed to live with Claude and my grandfather after that? I really can not imagine. 

- Mom ... If you were me, what would you do now?
No answer, as I imagined. I wanted more than anything to be with my father and try to help him forget what happened, but even he wanted what I could do? Claude certainly would kill me and torture me if I were with him, but worst of all is that he will never let me see my real father again.
I looked around, not knowing what to do. I did not know what to do to stay here without something bad happened to my father, because I had to be absolutely sure that Claude would do everything possible to have him arrested and executed because of my choice.
I heard heavy footsteps down the hall and murmurs of my uncle, but no manifestation of my father so far. I could hear Claude walking from one side to the other in the hallway, opening door by door to find me. What could I do? Would I open the door and simply run away? Yes, it was the only option I had at the time, since I had nowhere to hide. I approached the door and listened carefully steps away from where I was. I folded the hem of the dress and took a breath before opening the door.
He had his back to me when I left, so I went down the stairs as fast as I could to get to the main lobby, where I saw my father standing looking at me. I ran to him before Claude realized I was there.

 - You have to get out of here. Even though I insist you stay, Claude can make the worst. - He said with urgency, always looking up - Leave now. At the back of the mansion there is a stable. I sent my maid prepare one horse for you right now. Take it and get out of here.
 - What about you? 
- I can take care. - He smiled for a moment 
- Go now. 
- Where? 
- Go to my old house on the border to the north. It is the only mansion that's there.
Claude steps were returning and my father pushed me to the door quickly. I ran to the back of the house without looking back, although I felt my father's eyes on me until I make the turn to the stables.
As I approached, I could see that there was a maid holding the reins of a gray horse and young, which was ready to go. 

- You know where to find it, just go to where he indicated.
I mounted the horse and began to gallop towards the north, with my heart on the hand, thinking of the worst. My father was taking responsibility for me to protect myself from Claude. However, I would not have to do and could cause even bigger problems. If my father said he would be fine, I try to believe and expect him in front of his house

 -Take care. - It was as if my father was with me at that time.