Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, June 18, 2015

✣ αѕнєѕ тσ αѕнєѕ

  Claude had searched every room he could to try to find Serena, but was unsuccessful. On the other hand, Luke did not seem to mind at all, since he knew that the girl was out of reach.
 - Where did you hide her? The game is over, Ackermann! 
- I'm not hiding anyone, Claude. Also, I have no idea where she might be at this hour. There are rooms this mansion I did not explore for a long time and do not wonder where are the keys. Anyway, the blame is all yours.
Claude's nostrils flared with anger. Luke was hiding something, that he had the most resolute course, though he did not know how to make him say it. Sure was that he did not want to support the girl for much longer, however since she was born, he became her guardian and should continue to fulfill his promise to the last breath, because when Luke died the girl would be heir to all the fortune of Ackermann and it was very interesting to his business. However, Claude should keep this in absolute secrecy.
Luke did not seem bothered while Claude was wandering from one side to the other at the mansion. So he climbed the stairs to his room and pulled out a drawer key, keeping it quickly in his coat pocket and returning to the main lobby, where Claude was walking from one side to the other scanning the lower floor rooms. 

- How long will you keep looking, Claude? If she was hidden you certainly would have found  her somewhere. Serena does not know the mansion as well to be hidden forever.
 - Then why do not you demand? 
- Because it's in my interest that it is, after all, Serena's my daughter whether you like it or not. Also, I have no more energy to play with kids. Feel free to realize that she is no longer here.
Claude went to the kitchen, where he returned with a lighted candle in his hands. Luke arched an eyebrow, following the Claude movements as he went up the stairs, taking care that the fire of the candle does not extinguish. 

- This will be your last chance, Luke. If you did not say where she is, I will burn this mansion room by room until she appears or you die along with this house. 
- She could die too, What will you gain in return?
 - Serena is not so dumb. Surely she will come out from wherever she is hiding.
Luke softened the expression, but did not answer immediately, doing Claude feels uncomfortable. 

- She's not here, why do not you want to understand this once and for all? 
- Because you're lying!
Claude went to the end of the hall with the candle and began to fire room by room, waiting for Serena to appear. However, no sign of the girl. Luke watched Claude movements with an irritating and baffling patience while all his mansion was turning into ashes slowly. 

- Claude, you made a fatal mistake. 
- What do you mean? 
- Look around. You do not have where to go.
He really had no where to escape, though he was sure that the fortune of the house, Luke Ackermann and Serena would die with him.{...}

Night was falling as sounds of horse hooves cut the silence of the road that was virtually turned into a mud puddle because of the rain that passed. Besides the mud, ashes lined the floor and the smell of something being burned contaminated air.
The horse stopped, but the person did not look in the direction where the ashes came. On the contrary, he did not care to know what was going on. The only thing that mattered was to find brands footprints by muddy ground, and when he finally did went ahead without looking back in no time. The person he want to find is not by the surroundings and he knew those footsteps would lead him to her.