Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, June 11, 2015

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 I simply could not believe it. Yes, there were plenty of evidence that Claude could not be my real father because he never treated me indeed with paternal love. However, during all this time, I thought that Luke felt something other than this kind of love ... He did not even look old enough to be a father.
However, his eyes brimming sincerity and pain by remembering the past. After he finished speaking, he kept his eyes down toward the body of my mother, whose serenity gave me all sure what I needed. I always knew Luke was a good person, but ended up having a bad reputation for being afraid of losing everything he had. Still, I could see he was trying to convey goodness in everything he did, and that day I saw the dancers for the first time as a child.
The rain had stopped without our notice, but I did not want to return. If he was my real dad, so I stay here and learn to live in another way, with other people.- Come on. I'll take you back as I promised.- No.- Serena, you do not have to stay here. Do not feel trapped because of what I told you. I do not want you to be afraid to stay here or you miss your old life. Your home is with who created you so far, your home is with Claude Blane.- You were always taking care of me, that's what you said and now I'm sure. When I was close to you I felt safe and happy with the way you treated me, but Claude never treated me the same way. During that time, I thought he was bitter over the death of my mother, but now I know it's because he had a grudge to take care of me because I was never his daughter. I do not want to go back there, I want to stay here.
I saw his eyes being illuminated by happiness, but at the same time were contained by the pain of having been absent.- I never had the courage to fight for you, for your mother or for our family. We should be together from when you were born, even before that. Your place is with the Duke Blane.- No, it's not! I have the same blood of you and this will never change. I do not want call me Lady Blane, as this is not my real name. My name is Serena Ackermann, daughter of Luke Ackermann, and is as it should be, that's how it always should have been.
I felt for the first time father's love for years. His embrace, even if it was full of pain and sorrow, he was also born of a love he could never offer so far.- If you knew how much it hurts me to think that I could not give all the love and support that you need as a child ... Unfortunately I can not fix it .... And that's why you have to stick with Blane, and not with me. I'm a monster that can be discovered at any time and do not want you to have to carry this shame for the rest of your life.- What you're saying is madness.- No, it's not. I became Mya, Alison dolls after the death of your mother, because I could not look at them as human and think of the wife and daughter I lost. I was overwhelmed by the pain and madness and now can not go back in time to change it.- Anyone would do that in place, it is not your fault, you are not a monster. We can start over elsewhere, if that makes you better.- Running away is not an option. This is no longer a good parental example and get away will only make things worse.
We heard a knock on the door.- Lord Allucard.- What?- There's a man in the lobby waiting for you and for Miss Serena. His name is Claude Blane.
I gasped when I heard that name. I did not go down there to imagine his unhappy expression: opaque eyes, arms crossed and inflamed nostrils of cholera are the only images I will never forget from my uncle. My uncle ... It was something strange to say now, for up to an hour ago I called him "father."- That's exactly what I wanted to avoid ... - he sighed - Come on.
I followed him without saying anything at all. There was nothing to say, for face Claude was one thing for a few, but my father did not seem as worried about it; it was as if he already knew that this would happen.
Claude's image was exactly as I had imagined, which made a shiver down my spine and my legs get shaky as he laid eyes on me. I swallowed hard, not knowing what to say to defend myself.- Serena Blane, what I told you about approaching this man?- How did you ...- I followed the tracks of the carriage, if that's what you mean. Now answer my question: What did I tell you about approaching this man?- I ... It's not what you think.- You do not know him like I do.- Yes I know. And I know you well.- This is ridiculous. - He put his coat again - Let's get out of here now, I do not want my daughter with people of this level.- I'm not going anywhere with you, Uncle Claude.