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Behind the Fairytales
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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

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- Luke, you're scaring me.- I'm just telling the truth. I really did not want to show it, but I think that you need to understand why does your father hate me so much.
Thunder rumbled outside. What does this mean?- There is a long history among Phoebe, your father and me. - Luke broke the silence. - Sit down, have a lot to tell.
I sat in a chair that was around and he sat in front of me. I confess not want to know what had happened in the past so soon.- I've always been a friend of Phoebe from when we were kids. She was always sweet, gentle and innocent and was always with me strolling the streets of Wales. Over time, each of us followed a different path and for years we ran out to see us, but still we maintained contact through letters. We stayed like that for five years until we find ourselves in one of the presentations of my company when I had Mya and Alison as dancers. She was fascinated and began to think about the possibility of becoming a dancer, but her brother and her father did not approve because they thought my company would not last long and they thought I was a deceiver who kidnapped the girls to make them work for me as slaves, which was not true. "Anyway, I did not want to give in. She had become a beautiful woman and was still sweeter than ever. Over time, I saw my feelings for her grow and become increasingly solid despite the rejection of her entire family. Phoebe had always escaped when long odds and spent hours together in the city, making it also felt something for me.
When we were finally ready to take our feelings, her brother saw us and told all he had seen to their father. He, in turn, was completely furious and he didn't allow her leaving the house for anything that was preventing so I couldn't see her for many months.
My company was doing very well and I was invited to work in Germany, France and Norway a few days later. So I decided to try to see her before travel. I climbed the balcony and entered her room with caution during the early hours. She saw me and ran towards me with a bright smile I will never forget. Phoebe asked me to stay with her that night and said that even if her father and her brother hate me, she still wanted to stay by my side anyway and made me promise to come back to see it when my trip was over.
After three months in Germany, I was immediately summoned to go to France and stayed there for two months. Then I went to Norway, where I spent another three months. They were the most difficult months of my life without being able to see her and unable to send any letter, since it would take too long to get to her hands.
When I returned, I saw Phoebe's brother and father in front of my mansion, a hard act to believe. However, the expression of them was full of hate, which made a shiver go down my spine.- I hope you're happy with what you did. - Her brother began with the bitter tone.
I wondered what I would have done, since I was eight months away from here and I could not see her. It should certainly be a mistake.- Phoebe is expecting a child of you.
  For a moment I thought it was a joke, but judging by their expression I realized it was true. I had no words to express my concern for what she must have gone when they found out, but I was extremely happy.- As a child is about to be born, you will have Phoebe as one of your dancers, but the child will not be in her or your care. On the contrary, you will not put your eyes on that baby. Claude will be the child's father, not you. Did you understand well?- That child will always have my blood, you can not change that. Sooner or later I'll find her and I will have my daughter whether you like it or not. I just hope you know that the monsters were you and not me. What about Phoebe? Does she know that?- Yes, and she agreed to it because she said she did not want that kid messed up your entrepreneurial career.
It broke my heart. If Phoebe knew how much I'm happy with it ... The things did not have to be that way. However, everything was combined and I had no authority to undo anything that had been done.
Weeks after Phoebe was with me as a dancer, but I did not want that: I wanted her to be with our little girl and we were like a family. Both she and I seemed to be devastated by this, however, we never talked about it until the day she asked to be transformed into a doll as soon as possible to stop suffering and to think about our daughter.
Even with the heart in hand, answered her request and today she turned it ... She no longer suffers, though I am suffering for her since that day. "- Luke ... I mean ... Can not be.- You think we do not have similarities, but in fact we think the same way. Whether or not you upload the image of your mother and my way of seeing the world, of thinking and acting. Also, I always took care of you at a distance, because Claude refused to spend any money with you and I had to do all since you were born. All you have is thanks to me, not to him.