Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, January 28, 2016

{XII. Devilish Smile

 For some time he did not set foot in that place. Once he has become a large-scale entrepreneur, rarely had time to see the performance of his companies as he should. The only thing he had was the word of Matthew and nothing more.
- I did not think you would come so quickly.
- After what you told me, I could not wait to see a thing as rare and valuable as these.
- Fortunately nothing much happened so far. He still are good.
- That's nice. Your sister would be too if you had taken the front line as you did.
 Matthew hated the poisonous smile playing on his lips every time he mentioned Melissa. However, if he wanted to put the plan he had in mind in practice, should take it to the fullest.

 Dustin noticed that employees were more agitated than usual, but had no idea what was going on.
- What's wrong with everyone today?
 Matthew was leaving the elevator.
- The owner of all this is here today to see your progress.
- My progress?
- Yes. He was interested in the fact that the effects of the pills were reversed, because this was the first time.
 The boy swallowed, feeling suddenly the star of the circus of horrors.
- Come on, we have no time to lose.
 The elevator reached the top floor, a forbidden area when they were visiting the company, but decided not to ask anything. The door opened and both followed by a small hallway where Matthew showed a room with dim lighting and several empty capsules connected to a computer that was in the center. Dustin felt a shiver down the spines of him and felt the wing feathers to stand on end.
 His vision has adapted to low light and could see a person sitting on the computer leather chair: it was a slender man with the face like a fox. His hair was long and brown. He wore black clothes and a gleaming silver ring on the index finger of his right hand, clearly showing that he possessed full leadership over everything. Matthew said that this man possessed remarkable intelligence and understand each part of that company better than him, though it was not what he really looked like.
- Dustin Gates, our prodigy. - He got up, walking toward them - I admit that I am impressed by your genetic abilities. This is the first time during all those long years of improvement I see something l. It ike this. It was impossible that the effects of the pills were reversed on their own, however you were capable of such a thing.
- I have no idea what happened.
- However this was a big surprise for us. Not even Melissa, who was genetically endowed managed to do such a feat.
 Dustin thought he heard Matthew growl beside him, but was not sure. The company's owner sketch a smile and extended his hand.
- My name is Rido. Rido Stardust. Unfortunately I can not stay more than a few hours here, but I hope to receive your results and want to see you in this room when I return.
- Do you allows me to ask anything, sir?
- Of course.
- Why is this room prohibited?
- It is reserved only for people who have had complete success in all genetic testing. However, I have not found anyone. I hope you're the first. - Rido looked at Matthew, heading for the elevator - I trust you so that nothing goes wrong. I do not want another monstrous failure like that.
 The devilish grin was the last thing we both saw before the elevator doors closed.
- Damn you. You're nothing but a shameful and selfish bastard.
 It was as if Matthew forget for a moment the presence of Dustin there.
- I apologize. I'm starting to get tired of this man.
- Matthew, whydo not you start your own company? You have potential for that.
- And then I become a scumbag like him? No way. I'm just here by Melissa and no one else.
  Dustin knew that Matthew did not like questions related to him or to his sister, but wanted to understand what was going on.
- When Rido said about "another monstrous failure like that," he was referring ...
- Yeah. Melissa was very close to becoming what he wanted, but in the end she could not stand and turned into what she is today. In his view, she turned into a monster.
 Matthew seemed to think about something for a moment, but shook his head in negative. It was not yet the right time to say everything he needed for that kid, not right now.