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Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, February 7, 2016

{XIII. Completed

- Matthew, do not forget: I'm trusting you to complete all tests with accuracy and caution. I will never forgive you if any failure of those happen.
- He's in good hands.
- I hope you're aware of what you're saying. I am going to be back in a month to see how he is progressing.
- Sleep without worry, since I can not do that.
 Rido gave that smile that Matthew always hated and climbed into the helicopter, which was already preparing to leave. The boy watched the company's owner out to finally feel secure and at peace as before. Just a month, is not it? It was long enough that he could put the whole plan in place. And when Rido found out? It would be too late to do anything, since everything he needed had already been realized. He went down the elevator to the ground, where he saw Dustin preparing to leave.
- Wait a moment. Need to talk to you.
 Dustin turned and walked toward Matthew.
- I need you to come here tomorrow as soon as possible. I have something to tell you and I can not say now.
- It's ok.
 The boy did not know to where Matthew was getting at, but would know the next day.
- Welcome back, Dustin! - Chiara was the first to greet him, uping the stairs.
- Why are you with that face? Did something happen?
- Rido Stardust was in the company today.
- Who?
- The owner of the company. And he did not seem such a good person as well. And the way he spoke to me was like I was a mere object being studied.
- I was already expecting that.
- In addition, there is something quite wrong between him and Matthew.
 Blair showed up interested.
- Why? Weren't they friends?
- It seems that all changed after what happened with Melissa. From what I saw, Rido despises and insults Matthew whenever possible because of it. The last thing he said before descending the elevator was "I do not want another monstrous failure like that." Matthew confirmed it is Melissa and said that Rido considers her a monster.
 Blair was with the laptop on the table and frowned shortly after he entered.
- Is this man the owner of the company?
 Dustin approached and felt the hairs of his neck stand on end when he saw the face of Rido Stardust.
- Yes. It's himself.
- It seems a selfish infamous.
- Matthew said the same thing.
- Take care of this man.
- Do not worry. He was not going to stick around.
- Anyway, be careful. Who can guarantee that everything was not a play?
- Matthew did not seem to be faking all that hatred.
 Suddenly, Blair did not pay more attention to what he said, but his gestures and the things around.
- How did you do this?
- This what? Blair, since when eating is something supernatural?
- I'm not talking about that.
- So what?
 A potato package came into the hands of Dustin, without that he needed to get up from the chair.
- That.
 He had not even noticed.
- Well, I have no idea. Simply I was hungry and wanted something to eat, so I thought the potatoes package and it came ... I think that is the effect of one of the two pills that Matthew had given me ...
 Dustin gave a long yawn and just lying on the table, feeling a sharp pain in the head.

 Matthew was in the elevator door waiting for him at six in the morning, before other employees begin to arrive. The company's door opened, but he saw no one go then.
- One of the pills have had an effect, right?
- It seems so.
- That's good, but it's not what I need to talk with you.
- It's about Rido, is not it?
- How do you know that?
- I heard a voice coming from y ourhead ... - Dustin turned his attention to Matthew - I think you're right.
 The boy smiled, knowing that Dustin said his thoughts. That was even better.
- Please follow me.
 They went to the same room where they found Rido.
- I know I should have said it before, but did not think you would get so far with the tests.
- This room has something more than Rido said, is not it?
- Yes. In reality, when everything is complete as it is now, you would have to stay in one of these isolated capsules for the rest of your life waiting to do all the wishes of Rido and thus clone your DNA so that he can "start from scratch" exterminating human and transforming those that might be useful.
- Matthew, what Rido is true?
- What you mean?
- You know very well. He does not sound quite human.
 Dustin tried to read the mind of Matthew, but was unsuccessful. His mind was completely empty.
- I do not know either. I thought I knew, but he did so many experiences to himself that I can not say what he actually is.
- I understand. But why are you intend telling me this?
- Seeing everything that is happening to you makes me think of Melissa and how much she suffered at his hands. I do not want that to happen to anyone and also he put into practice his plan, the two human accompanying you will be killed too. Moreover, if that happens I can no longer take care of Melissa and the only reason why I did all these tests with you was to get a DNA that was compatible with Melissa transformations so that I can make it at least to speak again and to act as it should for her age.
- In the end you really used me as a guinea pig to save your sister and now wants to use me as an instrument against Rido?
- You understand things very quickly. Your transformation is complete and the only thing missing is me give you this - Matthew showed a turquoise pill - With this pill you will have a profound amnesia and does not remember anything, believing faithfully in whatever Rido say. I could have given you it along with the others, but I remembered oury sister.
- What Chiara has to do with it?
- You know well that I have access to her school performance. So, I could see one of her compositions with the theme "family." She comes to you and that girl all the time, but the love she has mainly for you is something supernatural. It's like she took you as a kind of irreplaceable divinity and so she is afraid of losing you.
- I am very grateful for that, Matthew. I have a permanent debt to you.
- However we can settle this in a month, when Rido back to see his final strides and begin deploying all necessary lies in your brain. Just do everything I instruct and you will be free of us and we no longer have any debt. Moreover, the fact that I have used you as a guinea pig to heal Melissa it was the least I could do.
- You already healed?
- Not yet. Even got some sample of your blood for this yet.
- Take as deemed necessary. I'm sorry to say this, but we need more hybrids to overthrow Rido, right?
- Yes, sure.