Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Wednesday, January 6, 2016


I'm passing here to say two things:

1. I am without ideas to continue the stories for while, so I feel sorry and don't worry, I'll start writing again soon.
2. The most important thing: I found a wiritng contest these days and this week - maybe the next week too - I am going to work in a book I have to write to join this contest. If I win it I can have my first book.
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 (That's what I am trying to do at the moment XD)

 I wonder you guys are asking: "there are a lot of stories here, then why are you thinking about write one?". The answer is: because it has to be new and when I say new it means really new. Then, I have to write something that is not here yet. But I promise that I could post it eventually.

 all credits to the owner

 Yes, I am really working hard as Kira, because I really want to win it and if I do it my biggest dream will come true. Then, I'm counting on you guys to support me and don't forget this blog. I am going to come back here and with the results :D

Thank you for understanding, dears and please wish me luck  ^^ (I will really need it XD

Kisses and hugs from me, the writer :)
See you guys as soon as possible!!!!!