Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, January 24, 2016

{X. I feel like a monster

- Did you fell something else?- No. To tell the truth I did not feel anything at all.- Let's continue. This time hasten a little schedule, as the owner of the company wants to see results as soon as possible. In addition, you are showing strong and we must explore your limits.
Dustin agreed. After all, he signed a contract and agreed to work with it regardless of the circumstances. Matthew was preparing a mixture of liquids of different colors, and they were switched between low and high temperatures.- Take this.
Matthew gave him a glass of water and three capsules with different colors: blue, red and gray. Dustin taken it at the same instant.- One will have long-term results, however the rest will soon be manifested. So I ask you to be patient and please stay here for observation for twenty-four hours, as this will be the time frame for the first two pills arise. Unfortunately you can not go home tonight.
- Dustin, do you want us to be there?- I do not need it, Blair.- You do not know what they can do.- I trust Matthew.- I hope you're right there.- Do not you worry. I'll see you tomorrow.
Dustin hung up the phone, following Matthew to a different room from the others: one of the walls was the color of cream had all the furniture, as if it really was part of a house.- Please, feel free. I'll be in the next room if something happens.
The door closed and the boy remained alone, scouring everything I had in that room: clothes, shoes and blankets. On the desk there was a blank notebook and a pen, a lamp and a laptop with internet. At least he would have to do during the time that would be under observation.
As he finished dressing the shirt that was in the wardrobe, Dustin saw that there was blood on the floor whose trail coming from the bathroom and excruciating pain appeared on his back. Was it part of the process?
A knock on the door.- Dustin, can I enter?
The boy could not speak a single word the pain that dominated. Thus, the door was opened.- I need cottons, an anesthetic and a wet towel immediately!
It was the voice of Matthew.
An assistant came back quick as a flash with what was asked and then disappeared down the hall. Matthew lifted the sleeves of his shirt that was still dressed and went to work, trying to find the reason why Dustin was covered with blood. The towel that was stained in a short time, but it was enough.- This should not have happened now. What could have happened?
As he put the anesthetic in the back of the boy so that the pain disappeared, Matthew thought about how it could have happened so quickly. The deadline for the effect of that last pill was two weeks or more. Was he wrong about something? No, everything was perfect and the evidence was strong in this regard.- Are you feeling better?- Yes, thank you ... Matthew, this was part of the tests?- Yes, but it should not have happened now.
Dustin did not imagine that when it came to genetic modification they really thought that far. Although had seen it once, he never imagined he would so: they were the color of the night and they were there, and majestic in all its force. It was as if those wings were always in his body. In a few moments, Dustin felt like a lucky person, but he wondered what Blair would say."You became a monster."