Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

{XI. No return

- Dustin!
 Chiara was the first to rush to welcome the boy back, but stopped on the middle of the way to see the big black wings folded behind him, but still drew attention.
- What happened?
- What's that on your back?
- This is part of the tests.
 He spread his wings and Chiara again approached with outstretched hands to be able to touch them. They were soft and warm, like a big blanket.
 They both heard a glass shattering on the floor. The girl hid in the wings brother when he saw Blair's speech.
- What have they done to you?
- Is not cool? - Chiara came out of hiding - Dustin can fly now, right?
- Yes it's true. - He smiled back at her.
- This is an absurd.
 Chiara was smart enough to know that things would not end well there.
- I'll leave you there. I have homework to do.
 Dustin held her and used the wings to put her upstairs and came back feeling Blair's icy gaze on him.
- Why are you never happy?
- Because I never agreed with it all. While they were modifying some physical abilities I might even agree, but now they were really too far.
- You know better than I that there is no return for this. In addition, there are other changes coming and that I have no idea what they are. At least we do not have to worry about a lack of money. Chiara is happy with the new home, with the new school, friends and all we can offer for her from now on.
 She fell silent. Yes, it was true that they had a normal life without any financial concern since when Dustin accepted their offer, but it was devaluing human capabilities. What did they want with these changes? She thought about Melissa and the deplorable situation in which it was submitted.
- I do not want anything bad to happen to you. I can not forget how Matthew left his sister to stay that way and I fear that the same will happen to you.
 Blair now understand why Chiara have grown fond to his wings. They were covered in a gentle way, as well as the way Dustin hugged her at the time.
- I understand that you are concerned and I am very grateful for it with all my heart. If it were not for you I do not know what would have been happened to Chiara or even to me. However, the only thing I ask is that you trust them anymore. Matthew knows what he does and he even helped me yesterday when these wings appeared.
- It's ok. But only give a chance for you.
 He smiled at her.
- I think Matthew regrets for what happened to Melissa.
- How?
- He cares too much about what might happen to me. I think that's because of what happened to her.
- Anyway I'll still worry about you.
- That's all I need.