Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, October 16, 2015

║☓ Nineteenth Bloody Rose

- Finally you woke up. I think I overdid the dose of poison in that arrow.
  The Achila's vision focused on the face that was close to her. Because of the poison of the arrow who had shot her, the girl was not yet able to fully recognize the forms and persons, unless they concentrate too much into it.
- What happened? Do you not recognize me anymore?
  That voice. There was not much time she'd heard that voice. In addition, the shape and physique of the man also were familiar to her. Achila squinted to get a better view and was able to locate a pair of red eyes like blood.
- Valentine, what are you doing here? Why can not I move? Where are my guns? Valentine, answer!
- Be calm, my little huntress. Your weapons are with me to guarantee that you will be a good girl and that's why I held you on this wall. I'm really sorry for that, but I can not risk it.
- What did you do with Blake? I want to see my brother now!
- He's coming for you, do not rush. Abel is taking care of everything.
- Abel?
- Yes, the Belgian that you know.
- Are you together?
- We have an alliance till the Blake's clan disappear altogether.
- So why do we never hear about you?
- I prefer to work in the shadows and anonymous. Abel enjoys being in the spotlight more than anyone else, so I decided to keep my existence a secret and leave you worrying about someone who does not even come close to being a threat. - Valentine laughed - I do not know how can you fear someone so childish and impulsive like him, Abel is extremely predictable and can be defeated at any time. All the more brilliant strategies, such as the murder of Richard, were my ideas.
- Bastard.
- Why so much hate? You do not like vampires, I'm amazed to see those eyes so beautiful overflowing rage.
- If my hands were not tied, certainly I would kill you for it.
- It would be very unfortunate, but I'd be happy to die at your hands. I have a proposition for you, so we can end this war once and for all against the clan of your brother.
  She was silent, waiting to hear what kind of nonsense would come out of his mouth.
- Become my wife and I can protect the clan and the land of your brother.
- I'd rather be dead right now.
- I'll let you think about it for now. You may need to get a little time alone and listen to what happens around.
- I will not change my mind.
- I'm a patient man, I'm in no hurry to hear your answer. I know you want to protect your brother this war, but your pride will not let you say yes to my proposal.

  Even with his injured leg, Blake ran as fast as he could until see the Abel home among some trees. He slowed so smelled of enemy soldiers and the Belgian himself, who should be waiting for him. The height of the trees, the boy thought he would not be seen if he spent with caution until he can get. As hopped from branch to branch, Blake felt his leg hurt and I could smell his own blood. That was too bad, he thought, but he was halfway and he had promised himself he would not return without Achila.
  The wind blew toward him, carrying the smell of blood to the nose of the enemy who were waiting for him. However, they could not be sure of his exact location, because the trees were too close together to let any apparent clue.
  The branches that were in front of him were cut in a snap, causing Blake to jump on them to no damage. However, as it became visible, several arrows were thrown at him, one of which hit his left hand. The boy fell to his knees a few meters from Abel.
- Well, well, well, what do have we here? The general leader without any army? This is a dangerous maneuver, my boy, after all you have a clan to protect.
- I'm not leaving without my sister.
- I imagine that Valentine has plans for her, do not worry about it. Go home and take care of this wounds.
- Shut your filthy mouth! What have you done with Achila?
- Try to go through me to discover,  general Allucard.
  Blake could not rely firmly on the right leg, which was still bleeding and aching unbearably and now his left hand was in the same situation. However, he could still move with some speed to go without wasting time on Abel.
- You're afraid to move forward? I will do it for you then.
  Abel was with the sword pointed at him as he hurriedly ran with a cloud of arrows behind him to reach Blake. Even wounded, the boy managed to make a cut on the right hand of the enemy and disarm him before being hit by arrows. The gates were closed and he leaned on a tree branch to jump over the wall of the castle. He sniffed the air and he did not capture only the smell of his sister, but the smell of another person he did not even know.