Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, October 30, 2015

║☓ Twenth Bloody Rose

  Valentine shook his head in negative as the smell of blood came to his sharp nostrils.
- I really admire the persistence of your brother to get through Abel and get here in the state he is in.
- What do you know him? You will pay dearly when I be free!
- That's true, you can not feel smell of blood at long distances. So I anticipate you that his situation is extremely precarious, I'll be surprised if he can follow your scent here, after all he is losing so much blood that his nose should no longer be able to capture other than the smell of his own blood.
- Blake ...
  He captured the concern and sadness girl.
- You still want to sacrifice your brother in this war? Achila, we have much more power than them, especially now that Richard is no longer with them.
- This is your fault.
- All is fair in war, you have to get used to it. However his interest is not in Richard, but in saving you from us.
- Valentine, please leave that clan alone. You have the power to end this war now.
- Yes I have. But I can not do this without receiving anything in return.
- What can you gain by killing them? They do nothing against no one, they have always lived of fighters who have within the limits of their land! Valentine, leave them alone, I'm begging you. Blake does not deserve to suffer more, he did not even want to be their leader for this war.
- Achila, you have not realized that he's putting his own life to lose because of you? He does not care about the war against his clan, but what we do with you here. As Abel kidnapped him and you came to save him, he wants to do the same, however this is part of my plans.

 Even bloodied and partly weak, Blake sniffed the air and followed the sister of tracks supported on the boom. Apparently the soldiers who should take care of the castle should be outside, because not found anyone so far. The smell of the person who was with Achila had disappeared, giving opportunity for him to come and save her.
- Blake ... Idiot! Why did you come here?
- I would not forgive me if you ended up being killed by them.
 Blake was cutting the chains to free his sister, but again felt something piercing his flesh with a sharp, excruciating pain. Hands-free, but the chained ankles, Achila knelt beside her brother trying to take the arrow that was on his back. Even with the armor, that arrow was extremely sharp, as if it had been made to drill resistant objects.
- When can I see my arrows worked well.
  The boy was even more tormented by the pain and be losing more blood, however, as could heal the wound left hand, at least could use both hands to fight.
- Lower your spear, boy. I do not plan to kill you now.
- Your problem is with the clan of Richard, let my sister out of it.
- Unfortunately I can not, unless she decides to accept my offer. What do you say, Achila? Will you let your brother suffering continues as it is now? Wasn't you who wanted to protect him above any cost after what happened to your family?
- Achila, whatever he has proposed, is not worth it. You do not trust vampires, remember? How can you believe that he will fulfill what he promised? We will find a way to get out of here together and I will not go back without you, this was the promise I made to myself and to Liam.
  Valentine evaluated the expression of Achila carefully. It was apparent that she was giving in to her brother's arguments, though he did not care about that. Part of her was tempted to accept his proposal whenever a Blake's blood drop fell on the white hall floor.
- Blake - her voice was hoarse - I have seen the blood of our parents being spilled on a white floor like this and do not want to see your blood being shed in the same way. I do not want to lose you to them as well.
- I do not want to lose you to them. Achila, I will not return alone, no matter what Liam or what the other soldiers will think of me. - He lowered his head - the blame is all mine you're here. You always took care of me and protected me and I was not able to do anything for you today. The arrows that hit me were insignificant compared to how much you had suffered alone trying to find me.
  The vampire of scarlet eyes was feeling the bitter taste of bile by witness all that, though the doubt in Achila's face was what kept him there, patiently waiting for the outcome of that fraternal sentiment.