Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, May 1, 2015

✣ ιη тнє мι∂∂ℓє σƒ тнє ηιgнт

    I was not sure if his smile reassured me or made me more concerned. However, we were on the way to his mansion by a long way and completely desert, where there was nothing but dry and gnarled trees and the sound of horses trotting down the dirt road.- Soon we will come, do not worry.
It took me a while to process what he was saying, after his gaze always made me lose my ideas.- Is everything okay? Do not be afraid of anything, I will always be around.
I looked away, but I could still feel his eyes on me, having an unpleasant feeling shivers down my spine. Could not back down, I knew it very well. If my father found it, he would certainly kill me. I swallowed hard and tried to forget about it and ignore the morbid atmosphere that transmitted that way. Does not it have an end?
The carriage stopped and I only realized it when I wasn't listening the horses anymore. Luke was the outstretched hand from the outside, ready to help me down. I still did not understand why he smile so much, but it was the only thing that comforted me. I looked at the sky and saw that the moon was high, should be near midnight.- Welcome.
The mansion could be compared to a castle. It was bigger than mine or anyone else. Actually shows him were profitable.
However, what really drew my attention was the huge garden he owned, which by the way was well taken care of. Anyway, there was something that made me uneasy, but I did not know exactly what.- Do not worry, there is nothing you need to fear. I'll be here. - He looked at his pocket watch - There are still ten minutes to midnight, you would like to get?
I nodded, after all I would have no reason to refuse to enter. He said I had nothing to fear, so I should trust him, right?
The house was even more luxurious inside. Curtains made of scarlet velvet and sofas, Persian carpet covering the entire living room floor, the porcelain, absolutely everything was flawless, completely different from my home.
I felt Luke's hand resting gently on my back.- Would you like something?- I'm fine, thank you.
He smiled as he always did, and thunder made a rumbling sound.- Looks like rain.- Yes.
The rain began to fall. It looked like a storm that fell without mercy, preventing our walk in the garden and my return home. I hoped the rain ended in time for me to come back, because I did not know if my father could still come back tonight. If I was not at home, surely he would kill me.
I looked at the clock on his wall. Three minutes to midnight, there was still time for that storm diminished or disappeared. I sat on the couch, looking anxiously toward the window, waiting for it all to end. Luke went upstairs but did not tell me it would return soon. I admit, however that his house was sophisticated and comfortable, I was afraid to be alone.
The clock struck midnight chimes and the rain seemed to grow even heavier. Luke was coming down the stairs when we heard the sound of a female voice singing in the distance. I looked at him.- Come. - He held my hand.
I held his hand and followed him up the stairs, to the sound of new voices getting louder and closer. When we arrived on the balcony, the sound became even clearer, though I could not understand what they were singing because of the sound of rain.
It did not last long, but it was enough for a tremor percorresse my body and I did not know the real reason. The rain continued without forecasting when it would end and it started to make me worried, because sleep was taking care of my body and I could not control a long yawn.- With this rain I can not take you home, sorry.
It was exactly what I feared. However, I stayed silent.- Come with me, I have a room for you this night.
I follow the hall to get to an ivory door, which was locked. Luke took a key from his pocket and when we entered, I was petrified and for a moment I had to control myself not to run.- I hope you do not mind that.
His decoration was equal to my true room. How did he know every detail, I had no idea, but everything was perfect. Even those dolls that he had taken were there in the same place where they should be.- Like you ...
Luke was not there when I turned. The door was locked and the key on the desk. I was afraid of more enter that room, but I needed sleep. I went to the wardrobe and what was my surprise to see that dress I was wearing at the feast, along with other clothes the same as I used. What was going on and why he had an identical room next to mine? So I also wanted to know as soon as possible because I started to get a bad feeling about what was going on in that house, and something told me it had to do in this room.