Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, May 17, 2015

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  I could not sleep well all the night. Think this room, which made me feel at home is just a lie made a shiver go down my spine. I checked my watch. It was five o'clock in the morning and it was still raining. What could I do now? My father would get - if he wasn't at home already - too angry. I opened the door, but there was not a single noise even for that reason tried not to wander the halls looking for Luke, who surely should be sleeping at a time like this. I went back to bed, feeling terrified because of the thunders and the heavy rain, which prevented my return to home.
I heard the sound of footsteps close my bedroom door and saw the doorknob moving while the door opened and I could not contain a scream.- Sorry, just I came to see if everything was fine.
It was Luke, already dressed for the day to day. Maybe I had misjudged the idea everyone is asleep at that hour.- It's all right.- Do not worry, you can return to sleep. The sun not yet born and how you can listen by yourself, it is still raining.
I nodded slightly as he entered through the room and walked toward me. I kept sitting on the bed like a statue until I feel the velvety touch of his glove on my back.- I'm sorry if I woke you up, you can go back to sleep all you want. Once the rain stops I promise I'll take you home. I really apologize for scaring you.- Do not worry, the guilt is not yours.- So what?- Is this room ... It's like my real room. How did you know all this?- I'm taking care of you for longer than you might think. I know your family for over twenty years.
It really was too long.- So why does my father hate you so much?- Things happen... - he shrugged, leaving the room - But I do not want you to think about it now, okay?
I kept lying, but I could not sleep. All he had told me was still in my head and I really could not understand what was happening. If he really knew my father, he would not have it so much hatred, unless something really serious had happened. "Things happen," that's what Luke said, but that sort of thing was that to turn friends into enemies?
I got up and went into the bathroom and everything was exactly like the original, from the floor to the details in plaster ceiling. I took a quick shower and put on one of the dresses that were in the wardrobe, since I was wearing last night was not there. I brushed my hair and I closed the door carefully.- You know that rain will stop and you will have to fulfill your promise, do not you?- While the rain did not stop she knows she can trust me. I would not do anything bad to her.- I really am sorry for her. That girl does not know what she's getting into ...- Shut up and go about your business, nothing you say is relevant.- Poor girl ... - the woman came out, shaking her head in negative - She is being confined in a dollhouse and she does not know anything.
Luckily no one saw me. What did she mean by that? I would have to stay without knowing because I feared their reaction if I asked something. As the rain continued, I should look for myself, but how? From what I can gather, all the rooms were locked and the keys were with Luke.
Once the woman left, he lowered his head as his hands gripped the iron railings in the balcony. Judging all his gestures, I'd say he looked angry.- A dollhouse, right? Maybe that's it. - he said to himself.