Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Monday, May 25, 2015

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 I closed the door carefully and tried to approach Luke. I know I should feed suspicions about him because of what the maid said, and because of all that was happening, but I could not. For me, Luke was just a misunderstood person and there was no one to hear him.
He really looked unhappy when I approached him more. Although not hear any regret or tears streaming down his face, I could clearly see that he was not as good as he looked. I supported one of my hands on his back carefully and saw him lift his head slowly toward me.

- Is everything okay? You need something? - He looked haggard.
- I'm fine, but you do not seem very happy.
I saw a grin appearing on his face.

- You heard, right? - The his forehead was resting on mine.
- Yes ... - I could not lie, at least not looking directly into his eyes.
When I realized I was already feeling his arms around me and his smell was settling in my mind. For a moment I was paralyzed, but I felt the blush rising to my face and I began to feel uncomfortable with it.- Sorry, honey. - He looked at me, but still holding me. It was as if he were afraid of something - I ... Do you trust me?- Yes.- Even after what you heard?- Yes, you didn't me any harm so far.
He held my hand and with the other rummaged in his pockets, looking for something. Luke took a silver key from his pocket and guided me through the halls to a similar door of my room, but with a slightly darker shade. When we entered there was no sign of clarity, though I could hear his footsteps around the room until finally the curtains parted, showing a large room, but with little furniture. A small wardrobe in the corner and something like a coffin in the center of the room.
Immediately I recognized those features: wavy blond hair and red dress. Yes, even at a great distance I could see that it was the Swiss dancer.- You can approach.
He did not seem to have much confidence about my approach, but even so I walked until he could see her face and what was not my surprise to see her with wide eyes looking forward. She was not breathing and that made me even more scared.- Is she dead?- She never was fully alive, at least not to start dancing. Mya Ilca belonged to a noble family and her dream was always to become a ballerina. I watched her dance for the first time and I thought skillful enough to help me start a ballet company.- But ...- Unfortunately she had poor health, but still brought me profits. So I thought, why not help her recover it while she can stay with the same look young forever? Of course, this was a great idea, so she's like this.
I could not understand where he was going with that. If it was a joke, I admit not be enjoying any moment. However, Luke did not seem to be playing with it at all and it worried me a lot. He walked over and took the top of the coffin to then catch the dancer carefully and place her on foot. She did not move.
Luke stirred something in her back and Mya began dancing at once. When she approached me, I could clearly see her green eyes, which were made of glass. No, I was not crazy, they were really made of glass. Mya Ilca was a doll. A d-o-l-l.