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Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, June 30, 2013


Nishihara froze before the sweet and sincere statement of Tsubasa. She wanted to pretend to be Seika to take advantage of his affection, however, that was not right. Even knowing that it could hurt him, she took the initiative and when I went to talk to him, the priestess saw those beautiful blue eyes and disappearing again being controlled by the look red and hostile Tsubasa she knew and feared.
- Damn, how did you do that? Know that the woman no longer interests me, because from the moment she rejected me, I lost all my human feelings for her. - The boy said, with deep anger, holding the girl back in chains.

   Tsubasa looked at her thoughtfully, until it turned and convoou the spectrum to send it to where Sesshomaru or where would Shiraname.
- Wait! Do not do anything bad to them, I beg you, know that your anger is with Seika, whose soul is in me, so if you want to hurt someone, it's me you should depoistar all hatred and contempt.
- I know, however, just hurt you will not satisfy me. I want to exterminate once damned Shiraname and take you prisoner help me a lot. - He smirked at her - Be happy, because soon it will come, I'm sure it will not take long.

   The priestess cried, not wanting Shiraname appeared to rescue her. Surely he knew nothing and she could not call him the telepathic link, because Tsubasa had created a barrier to prevent such a temper.
  She had to avoid his arrival. But how?

Saturday, June 29, 2013


  Nearly asphyxiated and the clothes she wore frequetemente, Nishihara woke up on the floor of the palace of the ruler princial Tsubasa where a spectrum was watching her closely. Frightened, the girl wanted to get up and running, however, she was chained to pillars strong and tough that even being heiress of the strength of Sesshomaru, she could not break them.
- Let go of me! Who do you think you are?
- Please your voice, girl.  Tsubasa soon come to see you

   When finished speaking, the spectrum disappeared and she could hear the steady steps down the hall upstairs and the smell of Tsubasa came nostrils Priestess. He descended the stairs slowly and with little noticeable case.
   Tsubasa stopped on the bottom step of the stairs and felt a shudder go through his body along with a boost from inside the soul of the boy and a lightweight feel that filled his heart.

   Minutes later, Nishihara feel the arms of the sovereign surrounding her with love and tenderness after you remove it from currents. His face rubbed gently on hers, so it was possible to feel the calm and softness of breath in Tsubasa and also his lips tracing a line of kisses down her face.
   'What's happening to him? Where is the man who nearly killed me weeks ago? '. The girl thought under ass caresses Tsubasa.
   When she finally had a chance to look at it, she saw clearly that his scarlet eyes were blue in color, like two perfect and beautiful sapphires. The strands of red hair also disappeared, giving way to a black extremely intense that seemed to pale in his face.
- Seika ... Finally you are here. I waited so long for you, my beloved. Sorry for choosing another to take his place, but I was devastated when you rejected me, when you rejected my love and my heart.

Friday, June 28, 2013


It was a bad sign. Sara was on duty at the time and he could not pass through it freely. Shiraname hid near the gates and wrapped up in a gray cloth slightly torn and crossed daughter Tsubasa without it noticing. There were many souls trying to escape, so she paid no attention to the masked stranger.
  "Nishihara ... Where are you?"
    Shiraname tried to make telepathic contact with the girl, however, the distance between them was too great. As I ran across the "graveyard" of souls, the guardian feels an electric current passing through his body, which stops him where he was. The boy looks around and sees nothing but the souls moving around by morbidly Meikai.
   Looking forward again, he sees a girl with long brown hair, green eyes bright with a simple white dress, but he called the attention of everyone. Certainly it was one of the souls, but it was not morbid and melancholy as all others. She was alive, and somehow seemed ordinary human who should be in the human world. A young man approached with euphoria Shiraname, and smiling with arms extended forward.
- Tsubasa ...
- Tsubasa? - Shiraname could not keep the surprise and frustration of being confused with it.
   The girl immediately pulled away from him and stared intently at the face of the goalkeeper. When she would convince himself that he really was Tsubasa, the girl sees the silver eyes shining Shiraname full of doubt and confusion and soon realizes that he had been mistaken.
- Forgive me, I thought it was someone else.
- It's okay. Sorry the comment, but you Tsubasa and I are nothing alike.
- Of course they are, just the color of the eyes are different. If it were not so, I would never believe that you were not him, Shiraname.

   His eyes widened in surprise, and repeated her name.

Thursday, June 27, 2013


  Sesshoumaru appeared in a place later than Shiraname. As he was not at the meeting point, also decided to move on. The place smelled of death and there was nothing but darkness before him.
 A few yards away, he saw something that looked like a floor, which gave an end to that black expanse.
- A path ... A path that leads to hell?

Really was.Sesshoumaru glided under which there was a narrow path made of stones that led only to a particular place. The smell of Nishihara was in that place, it certainly would be nearby.
 From a distance, he saw the same shadow creeping across the floor, so try to outwit the youkai. It did not work and, realizing that he was being followed, the shadow plunged to the ground, hiding and going to her fate.

 That's when an animal appeared black to stop the passage of youkai. The animal growled and prepared to attack, however, without being intimidated, Sesshoumaru prepared his claws and advanced on the animal, which disappeared before receiving the blow.
- It was a puppet, that smell ... who should be sent that black dog.

 Without delay, the youkai followed the smell of Tsubasa by the way he had seen before. There was a thick fog blocked the way

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


   She was looking in the mirror. Examined every angle of the green dress that you will fall as well. Realizing that she really looked like Seika, she felt a chill run down her spine. Nishihara felt she was being watched by something that was not human. Maybe it was printing, she thought, but that strange feeling would not go away and she decided to go straight into the garden, where he would be safe with Shiraname.
  Dazzled by the new beauty Nishihara, guardian, stepped back, frightened by the resemblance that only now arisen. Was she really chosen Seika Suzuki? Was she, a young girl, sent to destroy the Tsubasa and torment the prince of darkness with the painful past?

  Across the home of souls that rested in the spiritual world, something was moving quickly across the floor. It was black, sticky and discreet, slipping nimbly to the portal of the human world.
- Shiraname!
- Nishihara! Hold my hand!

  His hand slid down Shiraname girl's arm, unable to hold it. Something like the symbol of a black moon had disappeared. Damon ran to where the kids were, but it was too late.
- What did you do with it? - Damon pointed the sword at his throat - I always knew you were not trustworthy, but never imagined you would ready right under my nose! Where Nishihara is?! Respond!

  Shiraname was trembling, wide-eyed and extremeley pale, almost transparent. He rose from the ground, his legs trembling and looked at Sesshomaru so that the youkai realized not part of any plan it. Slowly, the Emperor of Osaka lowered his sword, looking in the direction in which the guardian was looking.
 There was nothing. Nothing but a black and wet the floor.

  Shiraname drew his black sword from him and entered the dark shadow that was on the floor. Sesshoumaru drew his Tenseiga and plunged into the darkness of the spiritual world. Arranged to meet at the Elysian, which was where the path of both should end.

  The guardian reappeared in the midst of the spiritual world, on the border separating this world from the human world. Knowing that does not meet the youkai there, moved on, but he was outnumbered. Where would Nishihara?

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


  Returned home the next day. Sesshoumaru grudgingly agreed to give a space in the castle Shiraname to stay for a few more days. Honestly, they had only three days to stay in the human world and then have to return. Still, both had time to spend with their families. Nishihara with Arioto and Shiraname with Suzuki.

  Knowing that the girl would be in the palace brought great joy to Yasuhiko, whose body was still weak due to the time spent in the spiritual world. When we again saw the priestess, he rejoiced and the wounds were no longer of any value. Nishihara was relieved to know he was okay. She received a warm hug brother and gave him the sword of Arioto.
- You came back permanently?
- No. - she glanced at the window - I'm stuck in the spirit world until Tsubasa is defeated. Shiraname and I have to go back there in two days.
- It's a big loss. - He said, crestfallen.

  At that moment, she hears Shiraname calling it out the window into the ga
rden, which was carrying a gift and Rina had sent a note written by Naoto.
  Anxious, she went downstairs and quickly got to the entrance like a thunderbolt. Took the note from the hand of the keeper and read euphorically. In it was a short written statement and happy man.

"Arioto Nishihara,

 Never thought this day would happen happy. After finally met you in person, I realized that my son was very lucky to have you as a company. I must admit that I never sympathized with any girl so far and you got my sympathy for being gentle, elegant and heartfelt. I paraenizá it for accomplish such a feat.

Welcome to the Suzuki family,
Naoto Suzuki. "

- This really was an approval? - Nishihara asked, frowning.
- Believe me, receiving it from my dad is a huge privilege. If you would cry with happiness. He never approved qulaquer girl until now after I was born, and you get sympathy from him in one day. I admit I'm also surprised. Oh, do not forget this too - he reached for her other hand with a white box tied with a green ribbon dark - my mother would grieve if you forget this it.

  The girl opened the box quickly and curiosity evident. When taking the lid, saw that the bottom of the box was carefully folded dress of dark green velvet and silver. Nishihara was outraged, as Green was not exactly what she liked the color, but the dress itself was beautiful and gracious and it was enough to make her sympathize with clothing.

Bloody Cross Requiem

Monday, June 24, 2013


Source: unknown.

 Osaka, stormy night. He was born in this scenario was that the beginning of a curse. His name? Seika Matriyoska Suzuki.
 Abandoned by his mother at birth, was found by a villager traveler. She grew up in the care of the woman, who taught the art of magic powers prohibited. Years later, the old woman died, leaving Seika alone in the world wars of the age of seventeen.
 Being a beautiful girl with extreme power, it attracted attention wherever he went, a young officer of the lands of the Far East fell in love with her. Not by power and beauty, but the kindness and sweetness in which she treated people sick. He was called Tsubasa Nakagushi, the only survivor of the battle against the enemies of the Northwest. Unrivaled beauty, the general had black hair and blue eyes like two beautiful, brilliant sapphires.
 Getting to know her better, he began to travel with her as they both were alone and had no fixed destination. Tsubasa protected the girl with dedication, used weapons and magic batalhha learned that reading a book on the subject. Seika, in turn, was astonished to learn that she was not one who had control over mystical powers and began to feel a great attraction for him.

 However, the power that dwelt in the boy's heart was black and dark and all the feelings she had for him would die. And it was the day that Tsubasa asked the girl to marry. She reluctantly rejected and said he felt nothing for him.
 Tsubasa was furious. The blue eyes were the color of rubies, black hair red highlights won and he began to carry the burden of immortality and hatred with it. Overflowing bitterness and sorrow, he left, placing a curse on the boy who was born several years later.

 Without realizing it, he left a sword lying on the ground when he left and Seika she saved the object as a way of remembering the love he still felt for him.
 Years later, she joined the feudal lord of the far north and that union came the clan Suzuki and striking feature: the silver eyes of the first heir, that would be inherited by the other clan. Seika knew the color of the boy's eyes was the result of the mixture of the color of her eyes with the longing that the girl felt the officer, resulting in the most rare and beautiful color to the eyes of a person. She was not happy, because even thought about Tsubasa and the way he reacted that night. When her husband went out to battle, she sought a cure for Tsubasa and when she finally learned that she could have cast a malignant power that existed within him had they been united, Seika remained desolate. Refused love from General hoping to save him, but in the end, it sentenced him for life.

 Green eyes brimming tears of pain and sorrow, and before you come back from the far north, she took the sword from Tsubasa where she was hidden and dug it into his chest, wishing, in the last seconds of life, able to return to this world to recover the general darkness through the most sweet and gentle priestess.

Friday, June 21, 2013

I will never leave you


  The drawings Shiraname girl fascinated with such precision and perfection. He had drawn from various angles: profile, back and front. You could see the wind in the picture, who played the long black hair of Nishihara in the forest. However, he had a secret design, depicting a girl on a stormy night, her eyes moist with tears, the hem of red and black dress torn and her face and arms hurt. In her hands he had a long sword and brilliant stained with blood and a black shadow behind her.
   Nishihara was paralyzed by the beauty and perfection of the traits, but horrified at what the design pictured. Shiraname approached her and sat on the bed beside the girl.
- This was the reproduction of a nightmare I had some time ago when I dreamed about you first, I woke up at dawn to record the nightmare because I thought it might be a sign.
- But did you know that was me?
- Yes, I was always watching you in the woods since childhood, and only once, I heard thy father call her by name.
- This means that what your mother told you is true?
- I can not answer exactly, but it looks that way. You are the light that can destroy all the illusions of Tsubasa.

   She fell silent and stared at the drawing, which, for some reason, seemed a memory of some past life. 've Certainly seen that dress, that sword and had seen something, but she could not explain how this could happen.
- Do not worry, I'll be by your side.
"I will never forsake you."

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Twenty Five

Naoto smiled briefly to the girl Arioto and greeted him with a nod. Shiraname approached the girl so possessive, jealous of excessive approximation Rina girl priestess. The boy's mother understood and reitou the room, turning left. Shortly after she left, a maid entered with a tray containing a teapot with tea and a bowl of chocolate chip cookies. Shiraname served Nishihara, however, did not touch anything on the tray. The atmosphere was not as pleasant as the parent of guardian not say a word, just looked at the way Shiraname stroked the girl's hair and whispered something that only a very keen hearing could pick up and it did not confer the Naoto.
  Seconds later, Rina emerged carrying stacks of papers and photo albums. Shiraname looked Naoto, who responded with the look of you-know-what-your-mother-would-make-it-now-not complain. But to the relief of the goalkeeper, the albums were not his, but the old Suzuki. However, Rina would not be herself if she did not bring the drawings to Shiraname Nishihara saw them.
- They are beautiful, Shiraname.

    He did not answer. Just looked at his mother with fury, conveying the look of I-would-like-to-show-it-for-her-when-we-go-to-my-room.
  Rina understood and kept the rest of the drawings in the folder, throwing her Shiraname and quickly turning to show the photo Nishihara she so guarded: he was one of the albums, the very first page, with the name Seika Matryoska Suzuki. The girl's picture was similar to Nishihara, differing in the color of the eyes, which were green and tone of the hair, which was brown.
- Who is she?
- Her name is Seika. She was the one who originated the clan Suzuki recently after Arioto, mesess before Kishikawa. This girl was the first love Tsubasa, however, she had not responded. With that, he became embittered and said he would get revenge on the boy who was born eighty years after that and just in time for Shiraname.

   Nishihara and  Shiraname hardened at the same time.
- You're saying that I ...
- Yes, you are the host of Seika and one that should take the kingdom of Tsubasa.

Twenty Four

  After much insisting, Nishihara can convince Shiraname to allow her to accompany him to the house of Suzuki. She was dressed formally, however, a little off the patterns of kingship. He wore a white jeans, boots and a jacket of the same color pants. Without realizing it, both contrasted exactly as two opposing forces.
  They followed a trail dimly lit, and after walking for a few minutes, they arrived at the former home of Shiraname: a mansion almost the same size of the palace Arioto, however was a gray mansion, sinister-looking likely caused by the weather. Nishihara felt a shiver down her spine when approaching more and more of the entrance door.

  Shiraname entered without knocking and, to his surprise, the door was open. The interior of the house was dark, the curtains drawn and a small noise coming from upstairs. They rose silently and, early in the hallway, saw a dim light coming from a nearby room. It was the office of father Shiraname.
  The Guardian approached cautiously, holding the hand of Nishihara, who was pale and cold with fear. By observing the room, he sees parents sitting looking at the picture that bore the image of Shiraname as a child. The mother, his, whose name was Rina, over a cup of tea and father, whose name was Naoto, eyes were closed, definitely thinking something. Realizing peace in the environment, the boy decides to enter.

  Seeing him, Rina drops the cup, making a great noise, taking Naoto state of meditation and ran to hug her son. Naoto did not move, waited Rina hug him to confirm that the boy was actually there.
- Shiraname!
- Hi, Mom.
- My son, how did you get back? What happened with your left arm?
- It's okay, Mom. Soon I will definitely return to this world. For now I'm stuck with Tsubasa. - He looked at Nishihara, who was at the door, looking at the family reception with a smile.

  Rina soon left  Shiraname to pull the girl priestess into the room.
- It is a pleasure to meet you, my dear. When Shiraname still lived here, he went out of the window to see you. He really always liked you so much that even today the drawings he did of you are still stored somewhere in his room.

  Nishihara blushed and looked shyly at Naoto, who was standing beside Shiraname, analyzing every move and reaction girl. Both were contrasted and opposite in almost everything: Rina was a woman of average height, curly hair the color of copper and blue eyes like sapphires. She had a cheerful personality and friendly towards all people and always managed to occupy the vacant time talking to someone. She always wore long dresses cream color and when Shiraname lived in the mansion, she didicava every second of the day taking care of the house and the goalkeeper.
  However, Naoto was different: he always wore black or gray suits and had serious expression and conduct always reserved. The eyes were the color of silver, indicating where Shiraname inherited the beautiful look cool. He was not as friendly as Rina and always been rigorous, being one of the first to support marriage arranged by parents among young people, however, the ideology was ending and after Shiraname left, there was nothing to worry about.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Twenty Three

   Sitting on the balcony from the bedroom window of Nishihara, the young guardian pondered what would make when he returned definitively to the human world. He thought he would certainly not have more right to his land and he did not even know about the situation of his parents, who were devastated by his departure. If all was lost, certainly could not count on the help of Sesshoumaru, it was evident that he did not sympathized with Shiraname. In part, perhaps his own fault, for betraying the family in search of even more power left stuck to that situation and even loved Nishihara, being attached to her out of orders Tsubasa was humiliating anyway. Would have to start from scratch or it could just remain as it was.
   So he thought of a third option, which would be to visit the kingdom had abandoned and evaluate the circumstances that favored the better. Jumped into the girl's room and looked at her for a moment, leaving the window again and being stopped by Sesshoumaru.
- I wanted to visit my family, if that's what you want to know.
- No, I do not care where you go. I want to know what you want with my daughter? Know that it is not a mere toy that you play to break free and then abandons, if you do something to hurt her, I'll finish you.

    Sesshoumaru withdrew with hostility and Shiraname left in the garden, paralyzed. Recalling that promised to always be around the girl, he returned to the room, it would know what to do if Nishihara could not find him and he knew that this could further affect his understanding with her father, who was no longer well .

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Twenty Two

Nishihara was insistent, until he managed to convince the boy to continue with her to the house of Arioto. They were two meters from the main gates, and when the guards saw the priest, opened the gates quickly and closed soon after Shiraname stepping on the grass in the garden.
  Everything was silent. No one was wandering through the garden, only the wind, which occasionally waved the messenger of the winds that stood on the balcony of the living room. The sound was characteristic of the object to what happened in the garden and the melody caught the attention of Sesshoumaru, who went to investigate what was happening, already feeling two smells in the air. One was extremely familiar and others not so much and it brought suspicion to youkai.
  He came out and looked at all sides and when he looked forward again, he saw that Nishihara ran to meet him with open arms and tears escaping her eyes. So Sesshoumaru wrapped in a warm fatherly hug, however, without taking his eyes of the stranger who accompanied the girl and kept his eyes away from the Arioto, tried to give a little privacy for them.
- Glad to see you again, my daughter.
- Me too, Dad. I've been thinking about you all the time I've been away from Osaka. But I can not stay long.

  Sesshoumaru gave away a fraction of disappointment and looked fierce glacial to Shiraname, which was approaching, also looking at the youkai, however, regarded with indifference and tried to show sympathy.
- I Shiraname Suzuki. It's a pleasure to meet you.

  The Emperor of Osaka did not answer, just looks alternated between Nishihara and guardian, conveying a clear message "What have you done while outside the castle?". In seconds, Sesshoumaru showed coldness and even hostility with prórpia daughter, who was perplexed by the aggressive attitude of her father.
- Dad, he is the guardian class of Spyair

, the highest level of the guardians of the Elysian. He was taking care of me all this time.
- Do not tell me you ... It was what I was missing - the youkai said coldly - Arioto Nishihara, you're not married to him, are you?
- Of course not! Shiraname and I love each other, but we are not yet married.
- Still? If you depend on me you will never marry him. Though I can not help it, it is part of their destiny, but I never imagined that meant you join ties with the children of Suzuki, even with the one who betrayed his own family in search of power and immortality and it was still stupid enough to fall into the clutches of Tsubasa Nakagushi.
- I regretted that I did not know what was really Tsubasa. Now I am determined to make amends for all.

  Sesshoumaru looked at him still lacking confidence, but could not really doubt the word immortal guardian.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Twenty One

   In a blink, Shiraname took the girl inside the portal of the spiritual world to the human world. Nishihara felt good as long he was not. Feel the sunlight being absorbed by the cells of her body, the cool wind blowing in her face, the scent of flowers and the view of the magnificent Osaka White Castle filled the girl's heart with happiness. The first thing he did when stepping into familiar territory dive was the way it was in the lake that was there. Fresh water renewed energies Priestess.
  Not just for Nishihara, but also to Shiraname everything conveyed peace and serenity. It was much longer that distant world that the guardian had forgotten how beautiful it was the human world where he was born. He looked all around and had his gaze captured by the imposing and majestic Osaka Castle. Certainly, the ruler should be a person of great power and it was evident that the soberando was not human. Watching the girl diving, the boy decided to seize the moment it was there and dived for a moment. Underwater, he winced as the sensation of cold lake crashing against his skin was forgotten and it reminded him of when he was a mere human being.

  Came out of the water, both fully wet. Shiraname put on his shoes and followed the young Nishihara, which ran merrily through the woods barefoot. The sun was strong and soon dried the young, who were approaching the castle. The Guardian felt something strange, and knowing who the castle, where he was stopped. The girl realized that companhheiro had been paralyzed and returned some pssoa to find it.
- What happened, Shiraname?
- I can not proceed. I know that my presence will not please nor his father nor anyone's castle. I'll wait right here.
- My father will like you, do not worry - she smiled, confident - besides, he has never seen you before, for what reason he hate you?
- Because I have in my possession the most beautiful his daughter, who can not come back here again as everything is as it is in Elysium.

Friday, June 14, 2013


   Was a guardian class Spyair as was Shiraname. She had red hair and long, which were loose in the wind. He wore a beige coat covering a black dress shirt with a red tie and a skirt whose color was dark gray, almost black, holding a belt of the same color coat. On her feet she wore boots with heels made of leather also beige. In his hands he clutched a sword bright, though a bit short. Her name was Sara Nakagushi, daughter of Tsubasa with a fox youkai. According to the code of conduct, she deserves respect, however, Shiraname always treated as an inferior, without fear of receiving some punishment for it.
  The guardian motioned for Hayate stop attacking and Sara dropped to the ground, twisting both arms and her back with one foot propped on her back. She tried to
free, but Shiraname offered no evidence that would free the girl so easily.
- What is your problem? - She cried, struggling on the ground.
- This is my question. I said I did not want anyone wandering around here, and this certainly includes you, especially you, Sara. What do you want here?
- I came to find the attacker, but when I heard that you eliminated the castle my dad decided to go home. - The girl replied, with great little case. - Will now you can let go, Suzuki?

  He released her and took up position beside Nishihara, he thought Sara was a friendly person. However, she gave up the idea when the partially daughter Tsubasa spoke to her for the first time before leaving the Elysian.
- You live badly with that guy. - She said, indicating Shiraname with thumb - If it is that way with those above him, imagine who is beneath him. Well, good luck.

   Nishihara laughed briefly and turned to look at the keeper, who beckoned to pursue Hayate Sara.
- Shiraname, that are not ways of behaving.
- That girl is unbearable, deserves every disregard of everyone here. - Shiraname responded by throwing a stone towards the other girl. - If I could, I surely would kill her.
- You will be free soon, try to calm down.
- I can barely see the time I leave here.

  The girl thought for a while and had the idea to again ask him to return to the human world with her so they could investigate further Sypairs. It would not be easy, but certainly not prohibit Shiraname back, especially after she tells him that there is a way to both go to the human world for a time and then come back without any damage.

Thursday, June 13, 2013


   Shiraname stood up and, with the black sword wielded in his right hand. Yasuhiko prepared to attack, with eyes fixed on the guardian. They moved in a circle around the room, waiting to attack one another. To better see the show, Tsubasa sat on the throne, and snapped his fingers for the battle to begin soon. Nishihara was horrified and was stuck beside the throne of the sovereign immortal.
  For the first time, Shiraname decided to attack. Yasuhiko was still a bit weak and injured from the last battle, and yet he managed to beat the keeper from the blow. He realized an energy barrier and other wounds that were still left in his body had disappeared. Nishihara was that even distant energy estiritual sent to protect both boys.

  Before long, Yasuhiko realized that it was all an act and soon entered the game. The attacks, however intense it seemed, required no power them and the invisible barrier of the priestess, Tsubasa did not notice anything. Charade would not last long, because that battle should have an end. So Shiraname observed throughout the hall, pretending to be fleeing the attacks Arioto and saw that the room would be able to support the final blow that would forge the death of youkai.
  The Guardian put the black sword on the ground and used one of the magical spells, making Yasuhiko feel a twinge of pain and disappear amid the light was too strong for anyone looking for a long time. When it was over, there was only the sword of the invader and a few drops of blood from the boy who had been hurt a bit by the time Shiraname attacked.

- Consider yourself forgiven. I'm proud of you. It's a pity that I have no way to promote it further. Take his sword as a sign of utmost importance. - He looked at Nishihara - and you, girl, to enter without permission again, I'll finish you, understand?

  She nodded quickly and was the first out of the hall, followed by Shiraname, carrying with him the sword youkai.
  Reached the spot where he had been sent by Yasuhiko power of guardian and saw an unusual scene.
 A woman guardian getting all the hostility of  Hayate.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


- You will not leave the post of guardian because of that girl. I let you stay with her in Elysian for his performance was improving, but from what I'm seeing - a stern look and full of wrath fell on Shiraname - she's just delaying you and taking your focus from service.
- The whole life I thought it beside me and now that I have it, I can not forget it, the more I try, I can not. I'm sorry, my lord. I promise it will not happen again.

  Kneeling before a figure of metallic cold scarlet eyes, black hair with some red pieces and wore a red and black with some silver pieces, in order to distinguish their hierarchical level. At the waist, had a long sword. In the back, a bow and some arrows were fixed and ready for anything at any time, Shiraname was forced to listen to the complaints of Tsubasa, threatening nonsense Yasuhiko not disappear if those lands.
- I hope you have understood everything that was said here, Shiraname.
- Yes, sir. But once I am sorry to have scattered my attention. This is not to be repeated.

  Far away and unexplainable way, the two immortals hear a female voice echoed the room and hurried footsteps by newly waxed floor. Nishihara was that concerned about the delay guardian entered the castle Tsubasa. When she approached Shiraname and ignored the presence of the sovereign, red eyes flashed another boy even more fury.
  Tsubasa cleared his throat to get the girl's attention.
- Forgive me, sir Tsubasa. - Quickly she knelt before him - I was worried about Shiraname, that's all.
- I understand your concern - Tsubasa replied, pointing the sword for her - it's a shame that common sense did not tell you to stay out there.

    Nishihara cowered, frightened. Shiraname froze, fearing for the girl's life.
- If you move, it will suffer, therefore, remain as they are, Shiraname.

  The girl was trembling with fear and whispered a brief apology for Shiraname, who responded with a knowing look and worried about what would Tsubasa. When the sovereign would hypothetically attacking the girl, she hears another steel sword intercepting the coup leader's immortal.
 Was Yasuhiko.
- Damn you! Besides invade my land, still comes into my palace! You can consider yourself dead, my dear intruder - turning to Shiraname - you can redeem up to eliminate that kid here and now.

  Shiraname swallowed. He promised he was not going to attack anyone who belonged to the family of the priestess. However, if it did, Tsubasa would hurt the girl.

  What should he do?

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Shiraname woke up in his room during the night. He looked at the clock and saw that it was three-thirty in the morning and he was no longer with dirty clothes and bloody, was with a former black dress shirt unbuttoned and had a damp warm cloth compress on his abdomen. Unlike when does he sleep, not everything was absolutely dark. The lamp was on and it had a glass container with warm water and a few tracks, cottons and towels on a table beside the bed. He frowned everything be there if no one else was in the room with him.
  The door opened quietly and revealed Nishihara more warm water, however, was that sweet smell of lavender and chamomile. When she sat on the edge of his bed, the keeper realized that she was with deep eyes tired, but with no desire to go rest.
- Why are you doing this? I'm fine.
- You're hurt and I could not sleep in peace knowing that. It is my duty to take care of you.

  Once Nishihara pressed the cloth over the wound in the abdomen Shiraname, he grimaced and groaned. The girl gently used another cloth soaked with water chamomile and lavender that brought a few minutes and put it over the deep wounds caused by Yasuhiko. Realizing that the cloth was in the right place, she bandaged part of the boy's body. Everything now seemed dificl for her, because when he slept, touching it was something simple, but now that he was awake, he was afraid and ashamed to see and touch the muscles well-defined goals, we relaxed at the touch of a priestess.
  Before she could leave again to save everything, Shiraname offered to help, though he had no strength to get up. The moment she stopped touching him and stood before him, the boy pulled her by the waist, so that fell Nishihara lying beside him.
- Shiraname, I have to keep it all and have to get more bandages ...
- You took care of me so far and I want to thank. - He played purplish dark circles that formed under the eyes golden girl.

  Nishihara tried to fight the fatigue, but it was impossible not to succumb to the affections of Shiraname, which changed from time to time or other a kiss with the girl cradled in her arms. His hands slid up and down, stroking his dark hair and the back of her fragile tenderly as she felt her gentle hands on his chest. In a few minutes, he felt deep breathing and sweet priestess about it.
The girl was asleep.

Monday, June 10, 2013


Hayate growled into the mansion, where a person wandering anxious and worried, attentive to every single noise outside. I was looking for Shiraname every dark corner of the house, however, found no one. She opened the windows of her room and stood on the porch watching the dark sky and the wolf ferejando air. Nishihara tried to jump out the window, but Hayate grabbed her by the shirt with the canines and put it back on the porch.
  With folded arms, she sighed and stroked the wolf's muzzle, understanding that the animal was only following orders Shiraname.
- I wanted so badly to know what Shiraname doing now ... Hayate, you could tell me?
  The animal made a sound whiny in response. It was clear that the wild dog would not know anything about the keeper. Abruptly, the animal lifted its muzzle and howled to the northwest again and the priestess held the clothes again, however, putting it on the floor out of the mansion.

  At first she was confused, but when he saw the figure of Shiraname approaching slowly, she understood why Hayate have allowed her departure. Nishihara ran towards him and hugged him. The Guardian took a while to return the affection of the girl, which lasted little after feeling that the boy's clothes and skin were sticky and humid. By having highly refined sense of smell, it smelled of blood and also felt the smell of Yasuhiko on his sword.
- Shiraname, I do not believe you ...
- I'm sorry, did not mean to go to that extreme, however, the way he spoke to you made me mad. Nobody talks like that with you in my presence. Forgive me.

  Nishihara motioned to heal his injuries, however, the guardian took her hands firmly and looked deeply into her eyes sadly.
- Do not heal my wounds. I deserve to feel the deepest sorrow for hurting someone in your family.
  She stroked his face gently with the back of her hand, avoiding touching the wounds because Shiraname could feel even more pain. The guardian kissed the hand that caressed his face and lost his balance. His vision was blurred and increasingly precarious because of the blood he had lost.
The guardian lost his senses and fell to the floor of the garden.

Sunday, June 9, 2013


  The two boys were placed in a defensive position, each scrutinizing the movement of the other. Until Yasuhiko decided to strike first, because I had nothing to lose with that and not gain anything, because even if coseguisse victory, Nishihara not get out of there. He was not fighting because they wanted to, but because they did not want to leave his father and also more depressed he never would surrender without a fight.
  The sword blades were sharp and could be heard a few miles away. The youth fought with ferocity and for them there was nothing beyond the goal of emerging victorious from that battle. The crossed arms of scams, which sometimes reached Yasuhiko, now reached the guardian Shiraname.
- Give it up, after all, what will you gain? Have prestige, immortality, and, above all, you have the love of my sister and there is nothing more precious in this world.
- You should have thought of that before you said so many things for her aggressive before leaving. Because of you, she was shaken and cried incessantly, feeling guilty and no more joy in life.

   Yasuhiko eyes widened to imagine how the girl should have reacted to hear such a statement aggressive and spiteful. This provided the Shiraname a perfect time to attack the youkai with a blow swift and impetuous. Within seconds, not just the young Arioto was crossed with the black sword on his left arm, but also the guardian received a serious wound in abdomen with the sword youkai. Even with the black metal cross arm of the enemy, Shiraname still had time to use one of the sword attacks to cause more serious injuries, causing him to lose balance because of the large amount of blood that had already lost.
- You can go if you want. For me, it's all over. I no longer have the strength to
fight. Nishihara is already yours, and this should not cause more questions ... Congratulations, Suzuki.

   Shiraname returned to the mansion, also wounded and losing a lot of blood, however, in a position a little better than Yasuhiko, whose body was torn also sitting on a part of the remains of the sanctuary, so try to regain some energy.
   While one tried to regain power, the other spent the rest of the power was left to return to the mansion of Elysian. Several times along the way he tried to give up and fail, however, the desire to see and touch the young Nishihara was greater than the exhaustion and pain from his wounds.

Saturday, June 8, 2013


He was no longer northwest. Had changed the path to the east, toward the remains of the ancient shrine of Lucifer, who was defeated by Tsubasa. He knew that meant to go there back to the human world, however, also meant losing the chance to redeem Nishihara, whose happiness was evident when he saw the girl with the guardian. That left the youkai with cuímes because a single person can isolate and make another being forget all the experiences he had obtained in the real world, more precisely in Osaka. Brothers and were only really get with the immortal warrior was part of her life, however, such a fate does not seem fair.
   "I love Shiraname Suzuki, he is lying or not, and I'm sure he's not lying." That speaks of Nishihara echoed in the mind of Yasuhiko, along with the scene where the guardian dressed girl with black coat and when she welcomed as cheerfully Shiraname Suzuki. At that moment, it seemed an innocent little girl in the arms of the goalkeeper, however, the real feeling that was emanating from the other boy clearly showed that it was not being used as a mere means of escape from that world.

    Another person approached subtly toward him Yasuhiko. He was wearing a black coat with face hidden in the shadows. The cold wind filled the place and took the young Arioto nostrils the smell of the supreme guardian of Elysion. Arioto again wielded the sword that was stuck in the ground and turned to face the newcomer.
- Why come to me? It is no longer enough to have my sister and now I want to delete? Do not worry, I'm out of here.
- You hurt her feelings and I just came here to give you back the suffering. - Shiraname put himself in position to battle, wielding the black sword. He knew how to fight the opponent, so there would be no problem.
- And what gives you reason to come here? Actually it was she who sent you attack me? Or do you think I'm going to ruin your plans and take it back to Osaka?
- I will always love Nishihara Arioto and I can not let you hurt her.

Thursday, June 6, 2013


   Nishihara covered her face with her hands and tried to muffle the sobs pressing her face against his chest. Shiraname comforted her and kissed her forehead, in order to make her fall asleep again. He carried her inside and wrote a short note, placing it beside her on the bed. The keeper closed the curtains and locked all the windows and doors to make sure no one entered the mansion. Still trying to strengthen the guard, he called him the wolf family to take care of the animal outside the mansion.
   The wolf was a gigantic animal and monstrous. Hayate was called. It certainly would be as Sesshoumaru
, however, the body was longer and thinner. The coat was white and black and extremely sharp fangs, ready to tear the flesh of the enemy. The claws were sharp, however, were short and were not of much use in a battle.

   When Shiraname left the mansion, Hayate growled and prepared to attack, but soon stopped when he smelled the owner, whose face was hidden by shadows and body completely covered with his black leather overcoat.
- I'm trusting all to you, Hayate, do not disappoint me.

   The wolf nodded, putting yourself in the guard position in front of the entrance door, with the ears and fangs ready for a possible attack. Shiraname departed into the night and Hayate howled toward the northwest, toward the keeper followed. Even being just an animal, the animal knew exactly what his owner would do and knew the mission assigned to him. Not only the safety of the mansion and Nishihara were at the mercy of the wild dog protection, but also keep the girl inside the mansion in order to stop her going far Shiraname was.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


- Yasuhiko! Stop!
- Nishihara, get away from that damn!
- I'm not leaving! What happened to you? How did you come to live here?
- I have no idea how I arrived
alive, but I know all Osaka is suffering for your departure and I came here to get you.
- This is my destiny, Shiraname is part of what is written in the book and I'm not leaving here. Please come home.

  Realizing that there would be no talk Yasuhiko, the keeper stood in front of the girl and the black sword wielded it. A snowstorm was about to begin and everything had become even more bleak and, knowing that the girl would not go out there, put on his overcoat Shiraname he was using on the girl, in order to warm it. Yasuhiko growled even more anger and advanced on the other boy, who stood motionless and attacked a split second before the youkai attack.
- You're too slow. Slow to understand things and to attack.
- Damn ... You will not stay with my sister.
- You bet it does? - Shiraname colcou a black sword on the neck of Yasuhiko.
- Shiraname! Stop it, please!

  The guardian lowered the gun as he heard the girl's request, however, Yasuhiko invested with a blow that hit the left arm of the immortal, Nishihara made her cry.
- Yasuhiko, what's happening to you? Why are you acting like this?
- Why are you protecting this damn? He just wants you because you can free him of the orders of Tsubasa!
- I know that, but part of my destiny, and besides, I love Shiraname Suzuki, he is lying or not. And I know well that he is not lying.

  Yasuhiko left the fury he felt his face and transpire before disappearing in the snow, the boy said to her:
- You're an idiot! A traitor! Prefers to live alone with a stranger than return to her own family, I really wanted to know what he did to you, for true Nishihara know the weight of an entire kingdom to leave unhappy.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


The next day, Nishihara woke up earlier than usual and prepared the best breakfast she had prepared before. Shiraname was awakened by the smell of chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven and taken out of the hot chocolate was being served in cups.
- I was going to call.
- Not needed, the smell of cookies were enough to wake me. - The boy smiled and sat down at the table quickly, eager to taste the breakfast.

  The girl sat down next to him and they both fell silent. For them, taking breakfast in silence was unbroken tradition that peace was maintained all day.
  Before leaving, Nishihara handed his overcoat black leather for the Guardian, after donning, Shiraname stopped at the door and looked at the girl for a few minutes, as if to remind her features when he left. He approached her and said:
- Itakimasu (get going).
 He smiled and met her lips with subtlety, causing the girl to stay goosebumps and succumbed quickly to Shiraname.
- Iterashai (bye). - She replied, after releasing her guardian.

   Shiraname smiled and went to the spirit world. Yasuhiko watched all the roof until the moment Nishihara was completely alone. He did not invade the mansion, however, was hidden watching everything that the girl was in the absence of the guardian.
   Near the end of the afternoon, the guardian sent a signal to the priestess that he would be late because Tsubasa knew the invasion of a human being in the world and would gather all guardians to find out who would have allowed the entry of an intruder. Knowing this, the girl has delayed the time to bake the biscuits to wait for him.

  Sometime later, he arrives at Elysian. Feeling the presence of Shiraname, the girl wears a red coat and run to meet him, whose arms were open, just waiting to wrap the fragile body of Nishihara and heat it amid the snow.
  Shiraname stroked the girl's face tenderly, while the girl, eyes closed, resting her head on his shoulder. Even at that time, Yasuhiko down the roof and launches a coup against the guardian, injuring his face.
- Shiraname!
- I'm fine, do not worry about me.

  Nishihara quickly turned his face toward where the attack happened and, to his surprise, saw her older brother wielding the ancient sword Ariote looking Shiraname furiously.

Monday, June 3, 2013


  As the day ended, the snow became again cold and fierce, however, this was not enough to contain the invaders Elysian. Somehow, that person was there, alive, with no apparent sign of injury. Wielded a mighty sword and was on the roof of the mansion Shiraname, observing the landscape covered in white and the colors of the wind that drove by. He was tired and was still panting as just entering Elysion after escaping from other guards and into the spiritual world domains Tsubasa unseen.

    The boy was happy until the moment we lost another family member by weakness and powerlessness. It was one life for another, however, he should have sacrificed for the sake of whom he had lost. They told him not to go to the home of Tsubasa, however, blood ties spoke louder and guilt made ​​him leave the safety of home and face the spiritual guardians to find the missing girl.

   Had no map. I did not know who to trust. I did not know which way to go. Not even know how to get back if he found what he sought. He knew he should look the same guardian black robes carrying a long sword the color of night. However, all guardians wore black clothes and find the guy with black hair and eyes the color of the sharpest sword blade would be an impossible task. He had to go through one of the guards to reach Elysion, where he learned of the mansion Shiraname Suzuki, the most important guardian of all that Tsubasa had.
   Now that he had finally found what they were looking for, just enough to recover what was lost. While on the roof, the attacker watched the snow falling gracefully to the ground and froze the lake that was near there.

Sunday, June 2, 2013


 The morning that followed was happy and quiet for both young. Shiraname had a rest day that allowed the two to stay together longer. Nishihara was the happiest girl in all when he learned that the guardian could have entirely to her for a whole day. He, in turn, thought that would be the time to plead for her, because that day would not be repeated anytime soon and the anguish of telling the truth was suffocating every day.
  The breakfast was silent and brief, however, they had quarreled. Only were each immersed in his own thoughts. Shiraname invited the girl to walk around his house. It was still snowing, however, was not so cold as before. They walked in silence for a while, and when the boy was about to say something to her, the girl responds:
- I love you too, Shiraname; just like you, I am also happy to stay with you for a day and get you back any longer.
- You got - he said, smiling with great joy - finally you can feel my emotions and know what I think before I speak.

   Shiraname, still smiling, the girl held aloft the waist and cradled in his lap, kissing, with joy and euphoria forehead and face Nishihara, who had never felt so happy and rewarded for giving up to stay in the human world. Despite all that part of her destiny, the priestess felt loved and cherished as never felt before. In the nest of the guradião arms, she was safe and would be cherished forever. His caresses did well for her and warmed the snowflakes that were around.
  When he put the girl on the ground, she felt a great desire to hug you and remain attached to it for eternity, however, was when she felt his lips meeting hers Shiraname first, with caution and delicacy, as that not to hurt her. And at that moment, she realized for the first time fangs and long, trying to be withdrawn and that did not obey the command of the master. While the boy was conducted, she tried to imagine the reason he has stuck because it was not a vampire nor was descended from wolves, so prominent canines would not be needed. Finally parted and the canines Shiraname made a small cut on the lower lip of Nishihara, whose pain did not represent nothing compared to the feeling of being kissed by the keeper, he felt guilty for having hurt her at first contact.
- I'm sorry, really. My fangs came out on their own, I tried to retract them, but they have not obeyed me. Forgive me, my beloved.
- I'm fine, do not worry. For me, knowing that you love me and I love you has more priority than this minor injury. - Logo, the girl used the healing abilities to heal the cut, which illuminated the face Shiraname again. - See? I can recover.
- This takes my fault.
- Can I ask you something?
- Whatever you want.
- Why do you have fangs?

  The boy shook his head in a negative way.
- I also would like to know. Since I won immortality, these prey were born and seem to appear on their own.

  Nishihara touched his lips lightly and both turned to walk with fingers interlaced by snow covered garden.

Saturday, June 1, 2013


- It's okay, Nishihara?
- Yes, I just lost sleep. Sorry to wake you.
- Do not mind me ... What happened? You were sleeping so well, had a bad dream?
- No, I'm fine, Shiraname, believe me.

   Shiraname embrace tightened around her and kissed her forehead, in order to make her fall asleep instantly. By the powers of guardian, were included in the spell of sleep extensive variety of spells that could use and also those who could not use. Exactly, he had knowledge of the secrets and forbidden spells of guardians that even the sovereign himself from the spiritual world, Tsubasa nor retaining of spells hidden, Minu, had knowledge of the existence, which made the boy dangerous and for this reason, with permission to have Elysion under full custody of him.
   Until then, nothing to Shiraname mattered except the fact of being free to be able to reconnect with the girl he loved most, which was now beside him, the woman who set him free to continue serving Tsubasa and return to the human world also provided immortal, a phenomenon that can not be reversed with no antidote, potion or magic. However, the immortality he was not a burden, for since the girl he loved is also provided immortality, nothing could go wrong.
   The victory of freedom was increasingly close to the boy, however, he was still unaware of the weight of that freedom. Tsubasa said laws, to be free from the eternal submission, you must pay the price of a soul with more power than the soul being freed. Nishihara did not fit extamente because levels of power, both were equal. Surely the girl's soul would not be taken, not even the boy's soul free.

  A great price and there is no way to pay it.
  A debt that demands to be paid.
A soul that longs to be free again.